945 Latest Firmware Bugs, Issues and Missing Features

I made this thread because I thought it'd be useful to consolidate all problems that users have with the latest firmware on FR945 as well as features that we would like to see brought back from older models, like FR935 and Fenix 5+.

I will try to update the first post if the problems are solved or missing features added. Please report all firmware issues you encounter. 

Also, I hope  and other forum members from Garmin will read this thread and help as to improve our watch.

Issues with previous firmware:

Features missing in the latest 5.00 firmware:

  • PacePro from Fenix6 - confirmed, added in 3.08 beta
  • New ClimbPro gradient coloring from Fenix6 - confirmed, added in 3.90
  • 6 data fields per page - confirmed, added in 3.08 beta
  • Graphical gauge data fields - confirmed, added in 3.08 beta
  • Hydration tracking to manually track liquid intake with widget and app from Venu/VA4 - confirmed, added in 3.90
  • Estimated Sweat Loss post-workout from Venu/VA4 - confirmed, added in 3.90
  • Respiration Rate for all-day and sleep metrics from Venu/VA4 - confirmed, added in 3.77 beta
  • Breathwork Exercises from Venu/VA4 - confirmed, added in 3.77 beta
  • Yoga and Pilates Built-in workouts from Venu/VA4 - confirmed, added in 3.77 beta
  • Widget glances from Fenix6 - confirmed, added in 4.06 beta
  • Workout Animation functionality: For Strength, Cardio, Yoga, Pilates from Venu/VA4 - added in 4.87 beta
  • Backcountry ski activity from Fenix6 - confirmed, added in 4.29 beta

  • Track recognition running mode from FR745* - confirmed, will be added soon
  • Daily Workout Suggestions from FR745* - confirmed, will be added soon
  • Grit and Flow in cycling from Fenix6*  - confirmed, will be added soon
  • Sleep tracking widget from Fenix6*  - confirmed, will be added soon
  • Map themes from Fenix6 - confirmed, should have been added during fall 2019
  • Battery modes/manager features from Fenix6