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Forerunner 955 - Bugs and issues

I thought it might be nice, or usefull, to have a single topic with confirmed bugs and issues with the forerunner 955 watches. Having the solar myself and noticing at least 2 serious bugs, this is good to know for users and Garmin themselves. Perhaps it can be stickied?

People can comment or mention bugs in the comments, or message me directly, and if confirmed by others (or me) I will update the main post. Preferably with as much info as possible.


Maps and navigation

  • Navigate -> Use map: Impossible to select target location (FW 10.10)

    Trying to use the map to navigate to a target point doesn't work. Most of the times the crossharis needed to select a location aren't visible and long-pressing start (usually needed to select the location) doesn't do anything. There are also no other ways to select a location on the map. Sometimes they DO appear and selecting the location is possible, however actually starting the navigation reboots the watch.

    This seems to happen when the location you select results in multiple options (in my case for example ', , ') if I somehow am able to select a location with no alternative options it does not seem to crash. Crosshairs still appear only the first (few?) times after a reboot.

  • Starting a course directly from the "Navigation" app redirects you to the 'Navigation selection screen' (which  is then a bit hard to get out of)

    When going to the Navigation activity and select a course to follow it seems to load the course but then redirects you to the same selection screen where you get the option to again select a course, point of interest, etc. Pressing back once stays in the navigation screen, you need to press back a few times quickly to exit. When then starting another activity the course selected above IS loaded. Other ways such as selecting a saved location DO work and selecting a course for navigation directly from another activity also works.

  • Some custom maps might crash watch?

    Hard to verify

  • Incorrect/garbled rendering of custom maps

    3rd party OSM based maps seem to render incorrectly, while working on the fenix 7 and FR945 watches.

  • Autozoom - Map toggles between extremely zoomed out view and normal zoom level (when showing turns/changing view?) during navigation

    While using navigation and with map autozoom set to enabled, the map screen switches between a way zoomed out state making it impossible to see context regarding streets, etc and normal view when you switch screens or when an instruction is shown. Again switching screens toggles it back, this actually could be reproduced constently (both during cycling as walking activities). When autozoom is disabled and setting a specific zoom level manually this doesn't happen.

  • Map Zoom level reverts back to default (FW 10.10)

    When zooming in or out of the map the zoom level is not retained, it however reverts back to the default zoom level when going back to the map/different screen. Scrolling/pannign around IS saved/stored.

    Apparently this is by design, and can be fixed by turning of auto-zoom for maps:


  • Swipe from left to right on the map (in order to pan) triggers the menu to open

    When making the swip motion from left to right on the map to pan it will open the menu (and exiting can reset zoom on map if autozoom is set). A workaround is to either swipe slowly, or don't remove your finger from the screen right away but let it rest for just a bit longer before releasing the touch screen (might take some getting used to). Not limited to maps, also in other screens.

    Fixed in 11.12

  • Touch with a map screen in an activity only works when "General Touch" is enabled

    When touch is enabled for an activity but not for general use, touch can not be used on the map-datafield for that specific activity. The map touch funcitonality ONLY works when general touch use is enabled, no matter the specific activity settings

  • Widgets are not touch interactive

    Unlike with other touch devices, trying to use touch to scroll through graphs on widgets does not work.





  • What do you mean with 'working map'? I can use the map, but it has it's bugs... zooming doesn't stick and can't select a location to navigate to using the map. Courses and saved locations seem fine though.

  • Can’t select anything like you said (no crosshair) and tap to pan doesn’t work. Garmin CS said this is normal behavior so I’ll just return most likely. 

  • Maps works diffirent than oryginal epix. On epix you can just scroll through screens to map, double tap it - it goes to move mode. You could then pan/tilt by finger and even pinch to zoom, then press on start button if i remember correctly and then navigate to that point. It was pleasure to use. And it was what like 5 years ago? Garmin has forgotten that he CAN do nice map on wrist device. 

  • Yeah, I'm assuming garmin support is talking out of it's behind here... I've had the crosshairs appear 1 or 2 times (which caused other issues) so to me it seems like they ported from 945 -> 955 (or f7 -> 955 or whatever) and just didn't test properly. Also the manual does mention it should work with the crosshairs (but yeah, the manual can also be taken with a few grains of salt)

  • You can do a subset on Fenix 7. Can’t do pinch to zoom but instead double tap to zoom. None of it seems to work on 955. I’m happy with the Fenix 7 user interface but the device is so heavy…

  • Maybe too new for them to know. 

  • I think it also really depends on who you get with support, some are actually really willing to help and have knowledge... others... not so much.

    Also heard such varying experiences with defects and warranty issues. 

  • Buttons feel very weird/mushy. They have two stages when pressing and when releasing and end result feels like you'd press the button twice as you feel two steps when pressing and 2 steps when releasing. Considering RMA...

  • Next buggy thing on maps - you cant scroll it from left to right by touch because its taking you back or opening menu window (the same as when you hold UP button). Then its non-functional. And maps should be able to scroll just by opening them, but instead of this you must open menu window and choose "zoom/scroll"... 

    And i have same issue with buttons like @Bertil Dator - two stages clicking, not precision and very deep makes you feel like youre using some cheap watch - especially UP and DOWN buttons, but to be honest none of them seems to be perfect. Veery disapointing, unacceptable in this price range. 

  • i have also to report 2 bugs:

    1. when an activity is startet, and the setting auto lock during a workout is set, so I have after unlock (longpress on any button) to push twice a button, to stop the session, eg. 

    and after stopped session, and waiting for measurement the resting HR, the watch lock’s already,  but activity is stopped. 

    2. my Acute load did not updates, after some activity‘s. it’s always the same. On my edge 830 it’s updated already.