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Rendering of custom maps broken?

Instead of the original Garmin maps with rather rare details, I like the customized OSM maps from

But the FR955 seems to have huge problems to render them correctly, other than e.g. the older FR945 or even the Fenix 7 which render the maps in great details.

Left: FR955, right: FR945 

same Map loaded into the GARMIN folder.

The FR955 seems to fail with rendering any roads or footpathes at all.

Also names are rare...



  • FR955  fail to load my custom img maps at all. I had to wipe forerunner four times because of this... it was on 10.10 firmware. I am afraid to test it on current. 

  • Sheesh, what the hell have they done with this device... can't send it back anymore but would have seriously thought about it otherwise.

    Added this to the bug list as well

  • Does changing the map detail setting make any difference to the rendering?

  • In my case unfortunately not.

    Also changing the Map Theme in "Configure Maps" only does it make worse.

    The other watches (F7X, FR945) have no problem.

  • In the question, you say about the images: Left: FR955, right: FR945

    How did you get the images? Why is the left image square and the right image circle?

  • For taking screenshots of your watch you can define hot keys in the system options.

    The screenshots of the FR945 are as one would expect it: just what you see on the round screen.

    The square images taken by the FR955... well, is there any function that works without a flaw on this watch? Wink

  • Mine seems to have paths, but I'm not quite sure how it works when there are multiple maps for an area (ie the standard Garmin maps that come with the device, plus the added OpenMTB map) - does one suppress the other or does it use data from both? (both are turned on)

  • I have not noticed any problems, but someone else reported crashes and requiring to eventually do factory reset after using custom maps. So it's not totally broken, there's some cases<tm>.

  • Hi Geroelltrampel, I checked the screenshots from FR955 and you are right, they are rectangular...

    Also, I can confirm, that the rendering of custom maps is faulty. What a shame Garmin! I switched from a buggy FR 945 LTE with slow bug fixing and ended up in this another buggy equipment, actually adopting many bugs from FR 945 LTE and introducing more... :(
    Some paths and roads are missing in the map when displayed on FR955...

  • yup. I is shame that garmin who is famous for great mapping capability is no better than for example coros. I still cant use my local .img map. So what, i had to run with my phone again? pffff