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Selecting 2 connectiq datafields almost always results in crash

The 955 seems to be able to add only 2 connectiq datafields, however even this doesn't work when I select an ANT(+) field or anything remotely complex as one of the two...

For example adding one of the following:

ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor:

Auxiliary Heart Rate v2:


Stryd Power zone:

But also:

All in one:

Dozen Run:

Cause issues (on their own they work fine, but can't add any 2nd datafields afterwards). It almost always ends up in a crash (IQ! error). First adding a normal one (battery field) and then adding an ANT enabled/complex one also causes a crash.

Adding two simple ones seems to be ok.

Can anyone confirm?

  • This won't be very helpful, but the 945 LTE has a similar issue so you're not alone :/. I've seen this issue with Stryd Zones combined with pretty much any other CIQ data field.

    I try to work around it when it happens by changing the order I add fields, *and* trying to exit the activity ASAP so that the data field config changes are saved before the field crashes. (If the field crashes at this point, it'll be auto-removed from the activity.) Even with the workaround, sometimes it takes several tries before I can successfully add both fields.

  • Thanks for the feedback and maybe workaround... Sucks to here it's also there for the 945 LTE. Still have my FR945 as well, will give it a try on that one too...

    I usually only connect my HR strap, though I did use my stryd on the 945 a bit as well and can't remember it causing issues. Ugh...

    Hopefully garmin will look into this quickly.


    Just tried it with the 945 and doesn't seem to happen there, could add ANT external HR field and stryd zone field withouth issues.