Watchface: Glance

NEW: Just published a new app - EASY Round. Give it a try!

EASY Round

GLANCE WATCH FACE app won THE BEST NEW WATCH FACE APP OF 2022 ! At the Developers conference Garmin announced nominees and winners for the best apps in different categories. Glance Watch Face was nominated and won in the best new watch face category Slight smile! Garmin didn't post the video from the conference yet, but it was already reported by other websites:

The idea for this app is simple:
- Use only large fonts, so that all data are visible at a glance (hence the name of the app: Glance   )
- Put as much data on the screen as possible, without sacrificing font size above
- Make all data fields customizeable to your needs
- Make colors customizeable as much as possible, so users can create their own design

The "Glance Watch Face" app is 100% FREE - no hidden restrictions, nagging, or expiration: ... 07e8035fae

There is also a mostly free app - BIG EASY:

There are also two paid versions of this app - "Glance Pro":

and "Glance Dual Screen":

Paid versions are identical to the free version (so no worries, FREE doesn't mean bad!), but have a lot of extra features features:

  • Open Weather Map support
  • Setting for TIME font weight
  • New way to use shared color themes
  • Support for many new metrics (like Body Battery, Stress Level, and lots more)
  • Extra progress bars and Graphs (in Dual Screen only)
  • Two separate data screens (in Dual Screen only) 
  • A lot more - see apps description for the full list
  • You have an opportunity (and a small incentive) to support the development Slight smile

Unique feature of the Glance apps - you can save your own Color Themes and quicly switch between them righ on the watch.

NEW: Now you can SHARE your Color Theme! You can also quickly apply Color Themes shared with you. Here is a full description of how it all works:

Here is the current Color Themes Gallery:

Color themes are compatible between "Glance" and "Glance Pro" (except for "inactive status icons color", which became obsolete in "Pro").

I'd love to see all color combinations you came up with. Please post your themes in the Reviews and I'll add them to the gallery!

Questions and suggestions are welcome!