• Connect IQ 3.1.9 SDK Release

    We've released Connect IQ SDK version 3.1.9, which includes additional device support. Get it on our developer site (https://developer.garmin.com/connect-iq/sdk) or install through the SDK Manager in Eclipse.

    Here is a list of the changes and updates:

    General Changes

    • Require MacOS 10.9 to run the simulator and Monkey Motion
    • Ensure navigation data angles are always in the proper range
    • Fix incorrect Eclipse plug-in link in the Getting Started section of the Programmer’s Guide
    • Fix datafield images in UX Guide Appendix
    • Add support for the Edge® 130 Plus, Edge® 1030 Plus, and the MARQ  Golfer
    • Add support for Venu Mercedes-Benz® Collection
    • Fix issue causing y4m files to not be selectable as an alpha channel filter in the Monkey Motion UI tool
    • Set the conversion settings in theā€¦
    • Jun 26, 2020
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