• Visual Studio Code extension 0.1.4 Now Available

    This release wipes your settings due to a rename of them from Connect IQ to Monkey C to match the extension name. You'll now find the settings under the Monkey C group. It should update automatically via Visual Studio Code.

    If the path to your SDK contains a space, launching an app will not work with the current SDK release. Unfortunately this had to be fixed in the SDK itself, so until the fix is released you can move your current SDK to a path that does not contain a space and modify current-sdk.cfg to contain the new path. The current-sdk.cfg file is at:

    • MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Garmin/ConnectIQ
    • Windows: %APPDATA%/Garmin/ConnectIQ
    • Linux: ~/.Garmin/ConnectIQ

    New Features

    1. Renamed commands and settings from Connect IQ to Monkey C
    2. When using commands for editing the manifest file, use the editor.tabSize value for indent spacing
    3. Add Monkey C: Open ERA Viewer, Monkey C: Open Monkey Graph, and Monkey C: Open Monkey Motion commands
    4. Add support for running all tests for an app
    5. Added a default launch configs for running an app and running tests
    6. Added a setting to choose which Java command to use when compiling and launching tools
    7. Added a setting to set which jungle files to use for compilation

    Bug Fixes

    1. Treat source files as UTF-8 when exporting an app
    2. Show output from stderr when launching the simulator
    3. Wait for simulator to launch before attempting to run an app
    4. Append the version number when building a barrel
    5. Fix image direction when building for the Forerunner® 920XT
    6. When selecting devices only show devices that support the app's type and minimum SDK version
    7. Reload files read from the SDK when the current SDK is changed using the SDK Manager

    • Oct 27, 2020
  • Descent Mk 2 Now Available in Connect IQ SDK Manager

    The Descent Mk2 Dive Computer Series has been added to the supported devices list. They feature multiple dive modes, such as single and multiple gas dives, gauge, apnea, apnea hunt and closed-circuit rebreather. The Descent Mk2 series comes with ABC sensors with an underwater 3-axis compass as well as surface GPS capabilities to mark your entry and exit points. On land, the Descent Mk2 series doubles as a premium multisport GPS smartwatch with multi-GNSS support, multiple sports apps, wrist-based heart rate monitoring, Pulse Ox sensor, advanced training features, Garmin Pay payment service, music storage, smart notifications for calls, texts and calendar alerts and more. The Descent Mk2i dive computer adds SubWave sonar technology for integrated tank pressure monitoring on up to 5 tanks when paired with the Descent T1 transmitter (sold separately), making it ideal for instructors or group dives.

    Use the Connect IQ SDK manager to update your device library and add Descent Mk2 support to your apps.

    • Oct 21, 2020
  • Garmin Developer Virtual Conference: Register for Breakouts Today

    The Garmin Developer Virtual Conference 2020 (GDVC 2020) is happening on October 14th. GDVC2020 is our first-ever virtual event entirely focused on you - our Garmin developer community. Learn about the latest updates and features for Connect IQ, the Garmin Connect Developer Program and ANT; become inspired to push boundaries; make cool things with the Garmin ecosystem; and most of all, stay safe by watching everything from the comfort of your home. The event will start with a state of the union and will be followed by a set of nine breakout sessions.

    Registration is now open for our breakout sessions. Our live hosted breakouts allow developers to take an in-depth look at the latest updates and features announced earlier in the day while offering developers a chance to engage in Q&A. Breakout sessions presentations will be made available post-conference. 

    There are three tracks of breakouts: Intro, Connect IQ, and Business. The Intro track is intended for people new to the Garmin developer ecosystem, the Connect IQ track is intended for experienced Connect IQ developers, and the Business track is intended for people interested in partnerships with Garmin.




    Introduction to the Garmin Developer Ecosystem

    Connect IQ Tools

    Marketing Your API Connection to Garmin Connect Developer Programs

    Connect IQ & ANT Tutorial Part 1

    Monkey C

    Niche Market Insights

    Connect IQ & ANT Tutorial Part 2

    Human Interface Guidelines

    Marketing Your Connect IQ App

    If you haven't already register for the state of the union, and register today for the GDVC breakouts.

    • Oct 1, 2020
  • D2 Air Now Active in Connect IQ SDK Manager

    The D2™ Air has been added to the supported devices list. It offers powerful capabilities in a slim, stylish AMOLED smartwatch with tools for preflight, in-flight and post-flight activities around town.

    Use the Connect IQ SDK manager to update your device library and add D2 Air support to your apps.

    • Oct 1, 2020
  • GPSMAP 66sr Now Active in Connect IQ SDK Manager

    The GPSMAP® 66sr has been added to the supported devices list. These are our first handhelds to receive and utilize multiple frequencies to enable improved positional accuracy.

    Use the Connect IQ SDK manager to update your device library and add GPSMAP 66sr support to your apps.

    • Sep 24, 2020
  • Venu Sq Now Active in Connect IQ SDK Manager

    The Venu® Sq has been added to the supported devices list. Featuring a bright color display, the Venu Sq GPS smartwatch combines daily style with health monitoring and fitness features that inspire you to keep moving. Track your heart rate, sleep, stress, Body Battery energy levels and so much more. Walk, run, ride or choose from more than 20 preloaded apps for indoor or outdoor sports. Never miss a call or text with smart notifications delivered to your wrist. Breeze through checkout lines and select transit systems with Garmin Pay contactless payments. Go longer between charges with up to 6 days of battery life.

    There are music and non-music variants of the Venu Sq. Use the Connect IQ SDK manager to update your device library and add Venu Sq support to your apps.

    • Sep 23, 2020
  • Go Beyond at the Garmin Developer Virtual Conference

    Join us as we pioneer new territories in the digital landscape — and go “beyond.”

    GDVC2020 is our first-ever virtual event entirely focused on you - our Garmin developer community. Learn about the latest updates and features for Connect IQ, the Garmin Connect Developer Program and ANT; become inspired to push boundaries; make cool things with the Garmin ecosystem; and most of all, stay safe by watching everything from the comfort of your home.

    Live-streamed, this conference will be your Garmin source of major developer announcements and information for the year ahead. Listen to presentations, participate in virtual breakouts and engage with our Garmin team in Q&A, and a special talk by author of DC Rainmaker.com, fitness & sports industry blogger, Ray Maker.

    This free virtual event will be on October 14th, 2020. Registration for our keynote event, Beyond a 'State of the Union', is open today, and breakout registration will open on Oct 1st. Go to our developer site to learn more.

    • Sep 18, 2020
  • Forerunner 745 Now Active in Connect IQ SDK Manager

    The Forerunner 745 has been added to the supported devices list. This GPS running watch is made for runners and triathletes who need detailed training stats and on-device workouts plus smartwatch functions like music, contact-less payments and more. Comfortable for training, racing and for everyday life, Forerunner 745 is Garmin’s smallest and lightest full-featured running and triathlon smartwatch.

    Use the Connect IQ SDK manager to update your device library and add Forerunner 745 support to your apps.

    • Sep 16, 2020
  • Connect IQ 3.2 Now Available

    Connect IQ 3.2 is here! This a major update to the Connect IQ system. You're going to want to read this, because we changed everything. 

    The SDK Manager

    The SDK manager has been separated from the Eclipse plug-in and now is the first thing to install. The SDK manager will download the SDK for you and make sure you always have the latest version. In addition, the device definitions have been separated from the SDK and will now be kept up to date in the SDK manager. This means you will be able to add support for the latest Connect IQ device as soon as they launch. Make sure you update the Eclipse plug-in to version 3.2

    The following video will explain more:


    Better Drawing

    You can now enable anti-aliasing of draw primitives with dc.setAntiAlias(true), allowing for improved rendering of vector graphics. 

    Settings Views

    In Connect IQ 3.2, your watch faces and data fields can now have user-configurable on-device settings with settings views. The setting views are easy to integrate and launch from the expected areas for watch face and data field configuration. Now users can configure their watch face on device, or you can implement sensor pairing for your data field.

    Data Field Alarms

    Beer Earned Alert

    Data fields can now trigger alerts during a workout. You can customize the alert presentations of your app to tailor them to your needs. The user is able to enable or disable your alarms from the activity alarms menu.

    More Tools

    The SDK adds two new tools: mdd and monkeydoc. The first tool, mddis the command line debugger for Connect IQ. Modeled after mdbmdd provides all the common facilities of a command line debugger. monkeydoc is the new source code documentation tool for Connect IQ. Similar to javadoc and doxygenmonkeydoc allows you to generate HTML documentation from your source code.

    More Documentation

    The programmer's guide has now been divided into multiple documents:

    • Connect IQ Basics - Introduction to the Connect IQ system
    • Learning Monkey C - Onboarding guide to the language you didn't know you already knew
    • Core Topics - Documentation of the Connect IQ system from AppBase to publishing
    • User Experience Guidelines - Guidelines for designing Connect IQ apps
    • Reference - Deeper reference into Monkey C and Connect IQ tools

    More Data

    Connect IQ 3.2 apps can now tap into solar intensity, pulse oximetry and resting heart rate. Apps can also configure the GPS constellation they want to use. The Sensor module has been improved, as well, to provide more information about natively paired sensors.


    Speaking of data, Connect IQ provides access to Garmin weather for the user's location to all app types.

    Now Available

    You can download the SDK manager today. Make sure to update the Eclipse Plugin to version 3.2, as well.

    Connect IQ 3.2 is available for the following devices:

    • vívoactive® 3 Music
    • vívoactive® 4 Series
    • Legacy Series
    • Venu Series
    • fÄ“nix® 6/Pro/Solar Series (New! 8/27)
    • Forerunner® 245 (New! 8/27)
    • Forerunner® 945 (New! 8/27)
    • MARQ Series (New! 8/27)
    • quatix® 6/Solar Series  (New! 8/27)

    Use the SDK manager to keep everything up to date.

    Happy coding!


    • Aug 20, 2020
  • Connect IQ 3.1.9 SDK Release

    We've released Connect IQ SDK version 3.1.9, which includes additional device support. Get it on our developer site (https://developer.garmin.com/connect-iq/sdk) or install through the SDK Manager in Eclipse.

    Here is a list of the changes and updates:

    General Changes

    • Require MacOS 10.9 to run the simulator and Monkey Motion
    • Ensure navigation data angles are always in the proper range
    • Fix incorrect Eclipse plug-in link in the Getting Started section of the Programmer’s Guide
    • Fix datafield images in UX Guide Appendix
    • Add support for the Edge® 130 Plus, Edge® 1030 Plus, and the MARQ Golfer
    • Add support for Venu Mercedes-Benz® Collection
    • Fix issue causing y4m files to not be selectable as an alpha channel filter in the Monkey Motion UI tool
    • Set the conversion settings in the settings window when loading a .mmm using File > Load in the Monkey Motion UI tool
    • Prevent web request callbacks from being sent to the wrong callback
    • Update errors in documentation
    • Add Media.stopPlayback()
    • Add System.isAppInstalled()
    • Add Graphics.FONT_GLANCE_* enumerators for glance fonts
    • Fix an issue that would crash an app when receiving a JSON response that is too large to be parsed
    • Fix widgets not being able to access Position module when running as a Glance
    • Fix an issue that caused the Activity::Info::maxCadence to match averageCadence on many devices
    • Fix issue found in devices that support live glance updates where it can not support more than 4 widgets in the glance mode

    Simulator Changes

    • Enable simulator support for glances on the fr245, fr245m, and fr945
    • Fix an issue with the obscurity value for the top field in the four field layout on approachs62

    Compiler Changes

    • Remove compiler check on PRG size limits when building an app for RunNoEvil testing
    • Fix IQ file export bug, which can occur when exporting an app that has barrel dependencies that contain annotated subcomponents
    • Automatically generate an image palette of 256 colors or less for 16-bit color devices. This can be disabled by adding a automaticPalette attribute to the bitmap definition with the value “false”. Palette reduction for 16 and 64 color devices can be enabled by setting the value to “true”
    • Jun 26, 2020