Watchface: Glance

NEW: Just published a new app - EASY Round. Give it a try!

EASY Round

GLANCE WATCH FACE app won THE BEST NEW WATCH FACE APP OF 2022 ! At the Developers conference Garmin announced nominees and winners for the best apps in different categories. Glance Watch Face was nominated and won in the best new watch face category Slight smile! Garmin didn't post the video from the conference yet, but it was already reported by other websites:

The idea for this app is simple:
- Use only large fonts, so that all data are visible at a glance (hence the name of the app: Glance   )
- Put as much data on the screen as possible, without sacrificing font size above
- Make all data fields customizeable to your needs
- Make colors customizeable as much as possible, so users can create their own design

The "Glance Watch Face" app is 100% FREE - no hidden restrictions, nagging, or expiration: ... 07e8035fae

There is also a mostly free app - BIG EASY:

There are also two paid versions of this app - "Glance Pro":

and "Glance Dual Screen":

Paid versions are identical to the free version (so no worries, FREE doesn't mean bad!), but have a lot of extra features features:

  • Open Weather Map support
  • Setting for TIME font weight
  • New way to use shared color themes
  • Support for many new metrics (like Body Battery, Stress Level, and lots more)
  • Extra progress bars and Graphs (in Dual Screen only)
  • Two separate data screens (in Dual Screen only) 
  • A lot more - see apps description for the full list
  • You have an opportunity (and a small incentive) to support the development Slight smile

Unique feature of the Glance apps - you can save your own Color Themes and quicly switch between them righ on the watch.

NEW: Now you can SHARE your Color Theme! You can also quickly apply Color Themes shared with you. Here is a full description of how it all works:

Here is the current Color Themes Gallery:

Color themes are compatible between "Glance" and "Glance Pro" (except for "inactive status icons color", which became obsolete in "Pro").

I'd love to see all color combinations you came up with. Please post your themes in the Reviews and I'll add them to the gallery!

Questions and suggestions are welcome!

  • Hi, I assume this is a question for me (I'm not Vesi Slight smile).

    I don't actually know what CGM is. If you refer to Continuous Glucose Monitoring, the app doesn't have it. And there is no way to use any other Data Fields in a 3rd party app - only Garmin apps can do it.


  • It was a question for Vesi (I was referring to his/her picture), but I could have asked you directly as well.
    I got confused because the "Sunset" data field looks very similar to the CGM data field (with the number and the arrow).
    But your reply answers my questions, so thanks for the clarification :)

  • Hi MD,

    I really enjoy your watch face!

    It is absolutely amazing!

    Just only a suggestion about data format: can be possibile to add a new option data format which include day of the week, number of day and month together? Maybe by setting the size month format smaller than the others in order to put everything in the upper data field.

    Thanks for your fantistic job! 


  • Hi Cristian,

    Thank you, I'm glad you like the app!

    The complete date was requested before, but as you can see yourself, it is impossible to fit it in any field.

    Reducing font size is not an option for me - "glanceability" is a cornerstone of the application. I don't want to make any exceptions for any reason.

    However, I tried to accommodate the request for the for a complete date anyway. As one of the users suggested, I created a separate metric "Month", which is separate from Date. Using Month + Date will give you a complete Date:


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  • "Reducing font size is not an option for me - "glanceability" is a cornerstone of the application. I don't want to make any exceptions for any reason" Clap tone1Clap tone1

  • Hi and congrats again ! Not sure I reported already (perhaps via email). I noticed that Altimeter and Baro take a few minutes to update vs integrated ABC app (and built-in Garmin watch faces). Perhaps it's an API problem or something that Garmin doesn't allow to Developers. It'd be great to have it "live" instead (of course when we move our wrist, not always on). 

    Thanks again for your super brilliant work


  • Will this watch face work with VENU 2. i just tried to install it from the garmin express tool and the iq connect tool and receive a message that the venu 2 must be updated from express. The watch is on the latest software. Any insight or workaround you can provide would be most appreciated : )

  • Yes, absolutely works on Venu 2, some nice AOD options there. Check FAQ section of the app description:

    your question is covered there (question #4)

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  • Thank you!

    Altimeter was already reported - I changed the source of data to be consistent with Garmin widget (at least I hope it will be). Update is coming out in a few days.

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  • Love this watch face—looks great on my Venu 2!  I’ve figured out what all the various fields mean except for the arc at the top.  On my watch it switches from green to red periodically, but I’m not sure what’s triggering it.  Any explanation would be welcome.  Thanks