Watchface: Glance

NEW: Just published a new app - EASY Round. Give it a try!

EASY Round

GLANCE WATCH FACE app won THE BEST NEW WATCH FACE APP OF 2022 ! At the Developers conference Garmin announced nominees and winners for the best apps in different categories. Glance Watch Face was nominated and won in the best new watch face category Slight smile! Garmin didn't post the video from the conference yet, but it was already reported by other websites:

The idea for this app is simple:
- Use only large fonts, so that all data are visible at a glance (hence the name of the app: Glance   )
- Put as much data on the screen as possible, without sacrificing font size above
- Make all data fields customizeable to your needs
- Make colors customizeable as much as possible, so users can create their own design

The "Glance Watch Face" app is 100% FREE - no hidden restrictions, nagging, or expiration: ... 07e8035fae

There is also a mostly free app - BIG EASY:

There are also two paid versions of this app - "Glance Pro":

and "Glance Dual Screen":

Paid versions are identical to the free version (so no worries, FREE doesn't mean bad!), but have a lot of extra features features:

  • Open Weather Map support
  • Setting for TIME font weight
  • New way to use shared color themes
  • Support for many new metrics (like Body Battery, Stress Level, and lots more)
  • Extra progress bars and Graphs (in Dual Screen only)
  • Two separate data screens (in Dual Screen only) 
  • A lot more - see apps description for the full list
  • You have an opportunity (and a small incentive) to support the development Slight smile

Unique feature of the Glance apps - you can save your own Color Themes and quicly switch between them righ on the watch.

NEW: Now you can SHARE your Color Theme! You can also quickly apply Color Themes shared with you. Here is a full description of how it all works:

Here is the current Color Themes Gallery:

Color themes are compatible between "Glance" and "Glance Pro" (except for "inactive status icons color", which became obsolete in "Pro").

I'd love to see all color combinations you came up with. Please post your themes in the Reviews and I'll add them to the gallery!

Questions and suggestions are welcome!

  • WOW ! BIG EASY is 6 stars !

    I was a fan of Glance/Pro but this one is even better. On Fenix 7 the big time really makes the display looking better and Pro. Also the thin bars to replace the arcs is a good idea and still readable. The second screen, that I setup up to pop up with double wrist, is excellent too. I will purchase the full version even if I don't normally use that metrics, I really want to reward you for the work you do. 

    Two suggestions so far if the memory wouldn't suffer:

    - enable the saving features (I sometimes switch from white to black background according to needs)

    - vs Glance I miss one metric on the display, say HR. I don't use seconds so perhaps Seconds can be replaced with HR or other metrics ? worries I put HR on the second screen.

    For the rest, very well done. You should teach Garmin Devs on how a WF should be...

  • Hey there. Thanks for the great work. I am particularly fond of the BIG EASY but also GLANCE Pro. How can I pay licenses for both and perhaps transfer you a few earth credits to pay you a nice cup of coffee or a pint?


    Thanks! You can find payment links in the app description for each app.

  • WOW ! BIG EASY is 6 stars !

    Thanks! I switched to this watch face as my daily face too. 

    - enable the saving features

    I like saving, but it had to be removed to make the app compatible with all watches (even low memory ones). I won't be able to put it back unless I do a separate app for high memory watches only.

    I don't use seconds so perhaps Seconds can be replaced with HR or other metrics ?

    I'm working on some changes that will make this part more flexible, but I will not replace just the seconds with some other metric but without the icon.

  • 1) (not so relevant) I don't see an imput field for the color customisation string of the secondary WF. Is it normal, since this feature is most probably available only for The Glance WF?

    Yes, theme string is not supported in BIG EASY. It is for Glance series only, as they all have a similar structure. Also it is removed due to a memory limitation.

    After saving it, all the paid options of the menus keep showing the "payment needed" advice.

    Metrics menu just advises that some metrics won't work without a payment (they will show "No $" after the trial period). It doesn't mean that you still need to pay. In fact, it is impossible to change those menus in Garmin (based on any condition).

    3) I wrote the unlock code in the mobile app because the Fenix 6Pro doesn't seem tho have a menu to customise or directly input strings into the 3d party WFs, therefore the only way to interact with your app is via the mobile phone customisation page. I assume that this is normal, at least for my watch model, but maybe I'm doing something wrong and I can find a customisation method even on the watch itself?

    If you enable DUAL SCREENs, you can switch between them in customization menu on the watch. In BIG EASY that is all you can do on the watch itself. All settings are done either through Garmin Express or Connect IQ on the phone.

  • Thanks a lot for the quick answer. Last question, then I stop to annoy you. What about updates? Are they installed automatically? Should I uninstall/reinstall the WF again each time you make an update? And in this case, will the same unlock code work? Thank you WinkBlush

  • Yes, updates are usually done automatically - no need to do anything.

    The unlock code is given for life - you can use it even if you change your watch.


    I just published an update to BIG EASY:

    v 1.1 (2022-10-03)

    • Added an option to replace the Status, Notifications, and Seconds combo with a metric. You can keep it on one of the screens only for example
    • Added an option to disable Notifications count box
    • Notifications count box is now invisible if there are no notifications
    • Modified the layout of Status, Notifications, and Seconds combo
    • Fixed TIME not visible in AOD if it was set to black color
  • Love the watch face, is there any chance of nightscout support so I can see by blood glucose data to better manage my diabetes?

  • Love the watch face, is there any chance of nightscout support so I can see by blood glucose data to better manage my diabetes?

    Thanks. Nightscout would be a different project all together, so it is unlikelly that any existing apps would get it.