Software version 10

So with the latest beta up to 9.98 do you think there will be a major update to the watch OS for version 10? What new features would you like to see, or major improvements to existing ones.

No long essays on HR monitoring accuracy please.

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  • 5) more options for Pulse OX.. may be every 2 hours or 4 hours etc. instead of just all night.

    Ah yes, I forgot all about that one, and that's something I suggested to them months ago. Having only 24/7, all-night, or one-time manual pulseOX reading as choices is no good. The first 2 options DRAIN the battery like no other, and the manual option stinks because you have to remember to do it every so often.

    Ideally, I'd like to see a setting that lets you adjust both the interval and the duration. "Take readings for X minutes, every Y hours." That way you could have it take readings for 1 hour, once a day... or maybe take readings for 10 minutes, every 4 hours. Something like that.

    Also, since PulseOX doesn't work if you're moving, it would be awesome if they automatically disabled PulseOX when the watch is detecting movement, and automatically turns it back on if the watch doesn't detect any substantial movement for, say, 5 minutes. That's the biggest problem with 24/7 PulseOX - it's trying to take readings all day long, but really only successfully getting readings for maybe 10% of the day because of movement.