Software version 10

So with the latest beta up to 9.98 do you think there will be a major update to the watch OS for version 10? What new features would you like to see, or major improvements to existing ones.

No long essays on HR monitoring accuracy please.

  • More accurate HR monitoring would be nice.

  • More accurate HR monitoring would be nice.

    Yep, this would about do it.  No need for any new features.  It's not a laptop or tablet.  it's a small device with a limited processor and program memory.  Keep adding things it will get clunky and next to impossible to get stable.  Just lock the feature set and improve it.

  • Maybe:

    daily on-device workout suggestions based on training load

    - Hydration/Nutrition Smart Alerts

    that are added in Edge 130/1030 devices.

    I will love to have as well power-based workouts for runners supported in a workout editor.

  • Body battery integration into TrueUp. To allow swapping watches.

  • Well you can take all the features of the 9.xx betas ans you have your next major update v10.

    Why add new not tested features ?

    They will release a stable version before starting a new beta cycle with new features. 

  • More native datafields. We got a steps datafield finally, but it would be great to also have:

    • a "time until next sun event" datafield
    • a notification count datafield
    • a GPS accuracy datafield that has better info than just 4 signal-strength bars (# of satellites, accuracy radius, etc.)
    • a datafield that shows your full current track (breadcrumb trail), without the map, automatically resized to fit the screen
    • Rolling average pace

    Also, these other things would be nice:

    • Setting to turn on/off high-frequency OHR readings outside of activities
    • ability to assign a GC activity type to a custom activity, so we don't have to keep manually changing it in GC every time.
    • Make the InReach datascreen go away when a paired IR device is absent (this used to work that way, but stopped working recently)
    • Show the map scale during navigation. Scale currently only shows when not navigating.
  • Some of these are excellent. If only someone from Garmin cared enough to have a careful read..

  • They do implement our suggestions often, sometimes it just takes a while, and we on the forums tend to be pretty impatient sometimes. The FirstBeat sleep analytics (and accompanying widget), steps datafield, and backcountry skiing activity are a few examples I can think of where people complained loud enough and eventually the features got added. They've also fixed tons of bugs after people have pointed them out (though, yes, some bugs do still exist).

    I can understand the frustration of feeling like they don't listen, but if you visit some of the months-old pages of this forum, you'll find lots of examples of bugs and feature requests people were in an uproar about at the time, that have since been addressed.

  • The new oFf track routing would be nice and the new live track showing the whole route would be awesome. But I reckon that will be on the Fenix 6 plus 

  • I was just thinking about this again recently. Don’t need a whole lot of new features, just get the current ones talking to one another better.