New European TopoActive 2020.10 Map Causing Map Lag on Fenix 6 Series and Tactix Delta

I installed the new map as well. After updating it took a very long time untill the watchface appeared, installing the map. I made some routes but when i choose one i only get a white screen when zooming out i only see a basemap no details. When i use Around Me i onley see the watchr spinnig endlessly.  I did a hard and soft reset but it took about  2.30 minutes to only  load the maps after reboot, it had never been so slow before.

Then I did a reinstallation of  the Europe Topo maps through GE  but again the time after restart  was as before.

Then i did a Master Reset (delete all user settings). Again sync watch (but not reinstall maps). Hard and soft reset. Now duration for loading maps after reboot  is about 40 to 50 seconds, shorter than before but again too long.... 

I don't know if that's normal for this update....

Today I did a base run everything was OK. I seem a little laggy at  zoom map and I haven't  tried Around Me.

So maybe  there’s definitely  wrong with the map update or I miss something or Garmin???