R10 distances seem off.

I have been using the R10 for a couple days now and my distances seems way off. Seems very club is approx 20yards short from the range? Is there anything that needs to be done with calibration?

  • Same as everyone else here, I’m hitting into a net all dimensions as advised but I’m struggling to get a PW past 80yds, 7i is lucky to read over 100yds..?
    Any ideas Garmin..? 

  • I elevated the R10 two inches and there was no change in distance.

    I’m on Firmware 3.30 hitting into a net 13’ away.

    Maybe Garmin should implement some kind of user calibration test using a specific short iron so it can correctly calculate all other club distances.

  • exactly right, think that with the mevo this is one of the reasons why i can choose between indoor, outdoor and chipping mode
  • As someone expecting a unit shortly all this is all somewhat concerning. Could Garmin-Rob give an update on their findings so far for the customer data gathered?

  • I know they are working the problem but it's hard for me to believe Garmin didn't test this indoors against say a trackman and adjust it to get closer numbers. Should have been done before it was released.

  • What's strange is that the early adopters who've reviewed into nets have shown that distance measurements compared very well to higher end launch monitors ?
    Leads me to guess that either our issue is the negative effect of a recent software update or perhaps more likely,  there's maybe a hardware difference between them and us. There were a massive amount of pre-orders which meant that a hurried 2nd batch was produced and sent out a couple of weeks back ? I'm only speculating but I hope the engineers who are trying to recreate this in the lab are using one of this recent batch as well as an original as a control ?

  • Don't think it's the hardware I received mine early and I have the distance, launch angle and direction problems. That's into a net but I didn't buy this to hit it on the range only indoors. 

  • Exactly.   I bought this so I could hit buckets of balls for FREE and get feedback on my ball flight in the convenience of my own home.   My friend pre-ordered off my excitement to play multiplayer and when he came over to try (almost scratch golfer) was very disappointed as well with the distances.    Not really sure why this fix is taking so long.   If 3.2 had proper distances why not just go back to 3.2 or at least offer it as an option in the interim.    However as is I'm just practicing and accepting the numbers, care more about flight path and if I can increase the distances ever so slightly...great.   It's still a great tool as is if you just take it for what it is right now.   It's just a blow to the ego seeing a 7I going 145 on good strikes.   Looking forward to the update when it comes....   

  • Also having the same issue. 7 iron usually for me carry’s 150-155 with 160 total but using this I only seem to get between 120-130 carry. Updated unit to 3.4 (UK) and still having the same issue 

  • Another update from my side of the fence. Turns out I had version 3.20 when I was having yard shortages while hitting into the net, but having accurate yardage on the range. I updated to the 3.30 version and now things seem to be worse over the board. Getting into the net, my clubs are still quite short, but the biggest concern is now the range seems erratic. My driver is still 20 to 30 yards short most of the time, once in awhile getting a proper accurate read. My mid irons all seem to be 20 yards short as well still. The most concerning is some of my short yard stuff, i e pitches, are sometimes over reading now. I know all this will get figured out, but right now hitting any balls with the r10 is leaving me frustrated.