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  • Alternatively, you might consider replacing the 50KM and 100KM with 3KM and 15KM gears? I think these long distances are very rarely used.

  • Hello again. I wanted to share one opinion about GRun. Now I only use it despite some problems. I run various distances 3 km, 5 km, 7.5 km, 10 km, 15 km etc. Recently I ran a distance of 7.5 km. In GRun, I set the distance as a lap to 7.5 km. At the same time, in the Garmin options, I set the lap as 2.5 km (to have split times). This solution is almost perfect. "ETA" was shown correctly for the entire distance of the run! The running distance reset to zero after every 2.5 km (it behaved like a lap distance). The average pace after 2.5 km started showing completely wrong. If the ways of showing these two values ​​were improved, then GRun could be done without even being able to enter the planned distance manually. Thank you for your work and I enclose greetings.

  • Hello again, I noticed the datafield supports Edge as well. Would it be possible to add support for the new Edge 840 as well?

  • Really like this run data field for its display of multiple data fields and color coding of ranges. BUT, I cannot get current run power to register on my Forerunner 945 LTE. Any fixes for this??

  • Dear, I use the Garmin 645. I have been using your datafield for years and it is very good. But, I have now started using laps and something is going wrong. When I click on lap the total distance changes. It jumps back to an integer every time. For example from 5.6 to 5 km. For example, at the end of my training I have 15 km but your datafield says 8.5 km.

  • GRun is the best data field i have used so far on my FR955, but now i had to delet it - i started to get totally wrong speed and distance values with all of a sudden jumps in distance up or down for 400-600m with consecutive Pace and A-Pace. I thought first it would be the Stryd problem, but the Stryd support pointed out the Stryd is functioning fine and the speed / distance metrics on Garmin nativ run screens is still perfect, so it must be the GRun data field

  • Sorry to hear your problems with Stryd. I use GRun with a Garmin FR 945 and the Garmin Run Pod. It  runs fine, reporting speed and distance accurately, except in the usual GPS dead zones. My problem with GRun is that it won’t report power at all. I really like the multiple fields, but i too will be looking for a new field if I can’t get it to report power. Sent an email to the creator, but he hasn’t responded.

  • Well, my setup FR 955 + Stryd with GRun DF run fine up to a month or two ago. I can not say anything about power reporting in GRun b/c i do not use it. I use Stryd primarily for the reliable and fast Pace and Distance reporting. But it do not work any more wuth GRun unfortunately. 

  • Is there any possibility to add user defined zones for Power and then drive that field to change colors, like you currently do for Pace and HR?  This would be and awesome add for those of us that train and race based on power zones (with a Stryd pod or similar).

  • Hi,

    Do you think that it could be possible to add some Dynamics run data fields (like .GROUND CONTACT TIME, VERTICAL OSCILLATION, etc...)

    Best regards