Data Field: All In One

The data field All In One integrates the logic of several of my data fields into 1 data field and gets the absolute maximum out of the available watch memory.


The functionalities which are available depend on the memory that is available on your watch for data fields. Because of memory limitations I also had to make some concessions towards configurability in favor of integrating more logic.

Connect IQ 1 devices (FR230, FR235, FR630, Vivoactive, Fenix3 (hr), D2Bravo (titanium), tactix Bravo, Quatix 3)

  • 5 customizable fields with 20 possible field options
  • ability to set up your preferences for 3 activity profiles (run / bike / other), so that you only need to store 1 connect iq field on your watch, yet are able to configure your profiles differently
  • Integration of Data Field: Fat Burner (fixed value per zone, no configurable zone values)
  • Integration of Data Field: Let There Be Light! (only enough memory to provide the choice between always on or always off)

Connect IQ 2 devices (Fr735xt, Fenix 5, Fenix 5s, Fenix Chronos, Fr935, FR645, Vivoactive 3, Vivoactive Hr, Approach S60) :

  • 5 customizable fields with 25 possible field options
  • abiltity to set up your preferences for 3 activity profiles (run / bike / other), so that you only need to store 1 connect iq field on your watch, yet are able to configure your profiles differently
  • abitlity to record metrics to fit file (defaults to off. When on the following metrics are recorded in the activity summary: fat burned, carbs burned, activity steps)
  • allow to change settings while field active
  • Integration of Data Field: Fat Burner (always interpolation method, no configurable zone values)
  • Integration of Data Field: Eat! Drink! Reminder! (up to 3 configurable alarms)
  • Integration of Data Field: Back To Start
  • Integration of Data Field: Elevation Grade (grade in percent, elevation grade not available on non barometric devices)
  • Integration of Data Field: Let There Be Light! (not enough memory to calculate sunset/sunrise, but instead you can opt to turn on the light before/after a certain reference hour)
  • Integration of Data Field: Steps Carousel (carousel of activity steps / goal completed percentage)

Connect IQ 2 devices with 128k memory (Fenix5x, D2Charlie, Descent Mk1):

  • All features of Connect IQ 2 devices specified above
  • Configurable Fat Burner
  • Extra graph for fat burned / carbs burned over the course of the activity (in addition to the value in the summary) so you can analyse after your activity where you burned most fat
  • Let There Be Light Setting allows to turn the light on between sunset and sunrise

Big Connect IQ 2 devices with 128k memory or more (Edge 820, Oregon 7, Rino 7, Edge 1000, Edge 1030):

  • All features of Connect IQ 2 devices with 128k memory specified above
  • Option to show Background image
  • Hi Peter!

    First of all: great work, the All-in-One data field is superb - all important information on one single page. After my first runs with the Forerunner 645 I decided to customize the fields and I putted the heart rate on the upper top (middle) and added the Ground Contact Balance to the position row 1 right and the Vertical Ratio to the bottom middle position.

    Values are displayed, but what I noticed is that the heart rate is not "colored" anymore according to the HR zones (e.g. the blue, green, orange etc. colors). Is color only available when I put the HR to the row 1 left position?

    The same applies to Ground Contact Balance and Vertical Ratio: no color either - is not bad, but having the value AND the color would make things easier (if it's green, then it's OK ;-) )

    Anyway, thanks for your work,

    best wishes,


    P.S. If someone had already the same question, I apologize for double-posting - I did a search but I did not find a post concerning this topic.

  • it's a memory restriction thing on the regular fr645, there's only coloring available on the "row 1" fields, there's not sufficient memory available to do add any more code. I'm peaking at 28.2 out of 28.6, I don't dare to add anything else :)

    In the screenshot below you'll see the fr645 and fr645music side by side, as you can see on the music there's coloring on the top and bottom fields (as some other extra functionality as well). 

    on the music there's coloring logic available for vertical oscillation and vertical ratio + graphing for ground contact balance, but I don't have the memory on the regular one to add that logic.

    Your device falls in the "Tier 2" section, the fr645music is "Tier 3" in the faq:

  • Hi Peter!

    Thanks for you quick reply and for the explanations - everything OK so far. I did not buy the Forerunner 645 Music because I do many runnings in the forest and I love to hear the sound of nature. Evergreen treeDeciduous tree

    For my run today I switched back the HR field to row 1 left, the Ground Contact Balance to row 1 middle and the Vertical Ratio the row 1 right. The HR field was colored, GCB and VR not. This is not a problem at all: HR color is extremly helpful to see the HR zone quickly. GCB is clear: 50-50 is the target and for the VR I am aware that something about 8 would be ideal.

    Again thanks for your work, Thumbsup

    best wishes,


    P.S. I would not dare to go beyond the 28.2 memory usage either Wink

  • Hi Peter. I love the app, but on the bike it would be very beneficial to add avg power last 10 seconds as instantaneous power isn’t real useful.  I have a Garmin Fenix 5S and a Quark power meter. On the Garmin data fields for power there are several options but I find the 10 sec average the most useful.  Thanks!

  • Well 10s Power is available on "Tier 3" devices and your device is Tier 2 which has his memory completely filled using 28.5k out of 28.6k available

    No promises but I'll evaluate the current features and see if I can make room. (The only way I could add this on your device if I throw something else out and possibly make someone else unhappy because I kicked something out they use).

  • Hi there, does it work on Venu sq? I edited data fields on both watch and app but it still shows Set Layout to Field 1 on my watch display when I activate Run activity. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

  • I Peter, I like very much your data field. I think that is the best option for our devices. 

    Unfortunately, in my Garmin Venu the last software update (5.60 Feb 21, 2021) has broken one of the best features of the allinone data field, backlight support.

    If I switch on this feature, the data field stops to refresh info in screen and then stop showing information, it show and icon instead.

    Could you fix that please? I think it is related with some change in battery management, but I use the watch in the handlebar of my bike, and maintaining the screen always on is a must in my case. I don't mind to drain my battery quickly because it is enough for my needings but I really need backlight always on.

    Thanks in advanced.

    Best Regards

  • This is going to be due to a change at the firmware level, it's unlikely I'll be able to do anything about that. If you connect your device with usb to a computer and browse to the folder /garmin/apps/logs do you see a log file there (ciq_log.yml). What does it contain?

  • Hi Peter, thanks for your quick response.

    There is not any /garmin/apps/logs folder in the watch.

    There is a folder named /garmin/apps that contains some .PRG files. They seem binary files.

    Also, there is a /garmin/logs folder that is empty.

    I have been examining other folders, there is a /garmin/debug folder with some files, and there is another one named /garmin/evntlogs with some .TXT folders.

    Your data field runs well for approximately 40-45 seconds, then it stops to refresh and if you change screen and returns again it shows an IQ small icon in the center of screen. Maybe, it would be possible to cheat watch to increase this timeout, I don't know.

    As I said before the watch is a Garmin Venu (regular one, not SQ) with software version 5.60.

    Previous firmware version worked well. I have tried to roll back to some old version of firmware, but the only one I was able to find was 5.43 beta that has the same problem, and I couldn't find older version.

    If you know where I can get some old firmware version, let me know, please.

    Thanks again for your support.

    Best regards.

  • I've filed a bug report but I wouldn't pin your hopes on it very much...

    There used to be a garmin firmware archive at but that site no longer exist, so I'm afraid you're going to be out of luck.

    What you can try is open a support request with garmin support and request the previous firmware version so that you can continue to use the backlight functionality.