App: Peter's Pacer (The App)

This project started off as a way to provide all functionality of Peter's (Race) Pacer to Connect Iq 1.x devices, but due to new exclusive features this project is also becoming an interesting option for the newer Connect IQ 2.x devices. I thought the app had grown enough to have it's very own support thread.

Peter's Pacer (The App) is a watch app that has a unique set of features:
  • All functionality of Peter's (Race) Pacer
  • A customized Lap Screen showing more information than the standard Lap Screen you get during native activity profiles
  • An exclusive adjustable Race Goal Feature
Because Peter's Pacer (The App) is a watch app it's main strength (full control) is also it's main weakness: you can not combine it with other functionality. The functionality that's implemented in the Peter's Pacer (The App) app is all you'll get.

Download link: