App: Peter's Pacer (The App)

This project started off as a way to provide all functionality of Peter's (Race) Pacer to Connect Iq 1.x devices, but due to new exclusive features this project is also becoming an interesting option for the newer Connect IQ 2.x devices. I thought the app had grown enough to have it's very own support thread.

Peter's Pacer (The App) is a watch app that has a unique set of features:
  • All functionality of Peter's (Race) Pacer
  • A customized Lap Screen showing more information than the standard Lap Screen you get during native activity profiles
  • An exclusive adjustable Race Goal Feature
Because Peter's Pacer (The App) is a watch app it's main strength (full control) is also it's main weakness: you can not combine it with other functionality. The functionality that's implemented in the Peter's Pacer (The App) app is all you'll get.

Download link:
  • Introduction Screen:

    Race Screen:

    Lap Screen:

    Adjust Goal Screen:
  • Version history:
    4.0 new feature: adjustable race goal
    3.0.1 fixed crash on ciq1 devices when calculating smooth speed
    3.0 added support for Vivoactive, Redesigned lap screen, Round pace instead of truncating the pace, Added option to enable/disable beep/vibration, Added option to set vibration strength, Explicitly implemented hr sensor reading, Synced sources with Peter's (Race) Pacer v4.3
    2.0 added lap screen. added support for FR920XT, Vivoactive HR, D2 Charlie. synchronized code with Peter's (Race) Pacer v4.1.
    1.5 fix initial screen layout on the fenix3, fenix3hr, d2 bravo, d2 bravo titanium, synced sources with Peter's (Race) Pacer v3.4
    1.4 added the possibility to auto-lap @ lapSize
    1.3 synchronized code with Peter's (Race) Pacer v 3.3
    1.2 added support for FR935, synchronized code with Peter's (Race) Pacer v 3.2
    1.1.5 synchronized code with Peter's (Race) Pacer v 3.1.2
    1.1.2 enabled sensors, added pause/resume screen, sync with new datafield features
    1.0 initial version
  • Released Peter's Pacer (The App) v4.0:
    * New Feature: Adjustable Race Goal. Adjust your target pace by the predefined amount of seconds set in the settings of the app.

    Did you ever race a race where you know you won't be reaching your goal, you just don't have your day?
    With this new adjustable race goal feature it's possible to keep yourself motivated. Just set an easier new goal while you race by pressing the Up button (or drag up for touch devices).

    Did you ever race a race where the goal you set was just to easy?
    With this new adjustable race goal feature it's possible to set yourself a tougher goal while you race by pressing the Down button (or drag down for touch devices)

    Of course the ahead time is adjusted to suit your new goal!

    Of course you can press the up or down button multiple times to adjust your goal multiple times during the race.
  • Released v4.1:
    - Fixed ahead time calculation for people using mixed metric/statute units on their device.
    - Synced sources with Peter's (Race) Pacer v4.6
  • Released v4.2:
    - Synchronized sources with Peter's (Race) Pacer v4.7: added option to warn with a vibration and/or beep that your pace is dropping and you are going behind schedule (it only warns when you're going from being ahead schedule to going behind schedule). The option defaults to being off.
  • hello Peter, is it possible to change from default distance (marathon) to other distances (10K, half marathon... ) ?
    thx 4 replay
  • Hello peter!

    Love the app specially the ability to change the pace before the activity start from the watch itself!

    Could you implement this 2 things?

    1: Implement distance change from the watch

    it could be done like this:
    Swipe up or down: Pace change

    Tap: Change distance Rotating between the most common distances: 1Km, 1 mile, 3Km, 3 Miles, 5Km, 10km, 15km, Half Marathon and Marathon).

    2: Allow from the pause screen to delete the activity.

    Thanks a lot for your effort!
  • hey Diego, glad you like the app.

    Regarding 1/ It's on my "to do" list to implement a menu so the important settings can also be changed from on the watch.

    Regarding 2/ Although it's very easy to implement the delete activity action (and it's a thing that has been asked before) I won't implement this as this is only useful when you're testing the app. I think it would be a drama when you accidentally hit "delete activity" on an actual race. To delete "test" activities you can go into your activity history on your watch and delete it from there (or alternatively on garmin connect if the activity already has been synchronized).
  • Hi Peter, I've now downloaded your App, and am keen to give that a try too. A few questions as I set it up:

    -What does Auto-lap at lapSize mean? And related, should I have the watch auto-lap on or off while using this app?
    -What does Adjustable Race Goal mean? And if I don't want to use it, do I just set it to 0?
    -What does Power Zones mean? If I also don't want to use this, do I delete all the numbers there too?

    Thanks, Trang