Erg IQ

Installation & Configuration

ErgIQ can be installed from the Connect IQ store using the link below. Once installed, a limited set of application settings are available for the user to adjust. These settings as well as the pairing procedure are outlined in the user manual.


ErgIQ will connect to a compatible fitness equipment system, the following is currently supported:

  • Concept2 Rower/SkiErg with PM5 (Firmware v22.015/156/722 or greater)

Known Issues

This is a BETA and therefore it has some items being worked through. For issues relating to FIT recording, pairing or Garmin Connect, even if they are listed here please report that you have the issue as well. This will help accurately determine the scale of the problem.

  • workout metrics are incorrect: distance, calories, stroke count (upgrade PM5 to BETA v22.014 or greater using C2 Utility if your comfortable doing this, otherwise it will be fixed in the next release)
  • Fenix3, FR920XT, and vivoactive HR have issues pairing (see post #4 for temporary workarounds until resolved)
  • vivoactive doesn't save last lap and session data correctly (issue being investigated)
  • Garmin Connect doesn't integrate developer FIT fields using native number mapping for summary, laps, or record fields

Non-Garmin FIT Analysis Sites

ErgIQ takes advantage of the newer defined developer FIT fields. These fields are a new standard that are not currently recognized at all non-Garmin sites. The following sites are known to work but others may work as well, this is not an exhaustive listing:

ErgIQ Reviews or Other Information

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