App : Badminton Score Tracker

Hello! I am the creator of the application "Badminton Score Tracker".

Here is the link

Please use this thread to report bug, for feature request of any other question.

  • Warm up play without rules and points is still sport so I would like that recorded. 

    Whenever we switch to serious mode, keeping track of the score is nice. 

    I like my Garmin activites clean, one recording per session (also for statistics like "how often did I play"). 

  • Hi, really good app! Could be useful to store sets score 21-19, 10-21, 22-20 in activity data. I put my teammate name into comment everytime, but don't remamber exact score. I hope this small improvement will be possible.

  • I have the score-Information under "Laps". Maybe you just didn't see it?

  • you are right - I need to rotate to landscape and scroll, thanks for tip!

  • Thank you for the latest update that shows the ongoing set scores.  Really appreciate it Thumbsup

  • Endless mode is close to how I would use it, but it messes up the rounds timings.

    We start with a warmup match without score, I set the app up into endless mode, have to decide who serves and don't count any points, then when we are ready and we start playing I have to remember who was setup to serve 15 minutes ago an then start counting points, so the first set has a lot of minutes in the beginning that don't really belong to that set.

    Maybe the long press up menu could have another entry if the score is 0 - 0 that says "store current set as warm-up" (or "free play") and then starts a new set, asking who is serving again, then the timings in the statistics would be correct, there would be a warm up set in the beginning with no points, and a correctly timed match afterwards as 2nd round.

    Could even just work during the activity, the player could decide to go back to free play after a match with points, and whenever you open to longpress menu and the score is 0-0 it offers to store this round as "free play" round.

    Another thing, currently I'm not playing as often as I would like, that means I forget how to use the app.

    1: I don't remember how it indicated whos serving, the blue number or the white one, maybe a symbol could help

    2: I completely forgot about the long press menu, so maybe some bars on the buttons could visualize this (taken from a Garmin standard app). This could also indicate when the start button has a function on the summary screen.

  • I got your point. It's just that the whole app has been built around the concept of a match. I don't think it's a good idea to flag a "set" as "free-play". But I can include a warm-up as a "phase" of the match. Here is my proposition:
    - In the configuration screens, you can choose if you want a warm-up (yes/no)
    - If no, I keep the current behavior
    - If yes, when you start the match, you get a screen displaying "warm-up", the time, and your heart rate. The court is not displayed. However, the Garmin activity is started and records your data.
    - When you are ready, you can press start to start the real match. This will create a "lap" in the activity, but no score will be recorded.

    This does not allow going back to "free-play" mode after the match (or I can also add a "free-play" phase at the end of the match if really required). By the way, maybe it would be cool to use a "multi-sport" Garmin activity to store a match like this, but I'm not sure the SDK allows creating such activities.

    Regarding the other issues:
    1. I know. The idea was that blue indicates service-related stuff: hence the blue corners and the score in blue. But I'm not satisfied with the design because the blue color in the score is barely visible. Drawing a complex symbol is difficult.
    2. Nice touch. This would only work for round watches, though. And the court screen is completely dynamic to accommodate the different watch's shapes, so it's not an easy task to draw them at the right position.

  • I don't know, adding a menu option to "save the current round/lap" and start a new one, to the long-press menu sounds less intrusive (and more flexible) as asking "do you want a warm up round" in the beginning. It would also allow to "abort" but save a match midgame (partners of a 4 player game recovered while 2 kept playing a 2 player match meanwhile).

    I'm not a developer myself, I read somewhere that Garmin wanted to make such watch specific interface designs easily available in the SDK, markings for button function would fit that category in my opinion, but I have no idea if it's the case.

  • Official statement that the newer watches (7 and onward) don't support IQ app "multitasking" anymore:

  • Hi Matthieu,

    it seems that with the latest epix gen2 beta there is no score data in the laps anymore.

    could you take a look at that?