App : Badminton Score Tracker

Hello! I am the creator of the application "Badminton Score Tracker".

Here is the link

Please use this thread to report bug, for feature request of any other question.

  • feature request

    Hello, Thanks for creating this app. I play a lot of badminton and I appreciate it.

    Can you consider to add the following features to your app:
    1) Save the time duration of each game for statistical display later in Garmin Connect (similar to the other sports). This would give an indication of how much time and energy is spent during the game.
    2) Can you save the number of steps and VO2 during the game? Also as an indication of how much energy is expended during play
    3) Can you incorporate pre-entry into a database of opponents and allow selection of singles or doubles opponents prior to (or after) play? Then postprocess the information to show how many games we win or lose against each opponent and possibly form a ranking for the database of opponents ordering the group by strength based on how many games each player has won. And even by the score. For example a 21-5 win shows a much stronger player than a 21-19 win.

    It would be terrific if your app can help order the players by strength based on the number of wins and score achieved in each game

    Thanks for all your effort in developing a nice app!
  • Iq logo

    When i open the app it only show the IQ logo and a exclamation mark on a yellow circle how to fix that? ty.
  • @toasty72
    Thanks for your feedback! I like the idea to monitor steps done during a match. The total number of steps could then be displayed on the "result" screen.

    However, if collecting data is one thing, saving them in an other. As far as I know, there is no way to upload custom collected data to the Garmin Connect website. They should allow third party apps to upload data and allow developers to create custom sports with custom data fields.

    For now, what ca be done is to setup a different dedicated website on which the watch could push the data. This would allow to store all the matches you've done as well as associated data, and open the way for statistics over all your matches. This could also work as a social network for badminton players with a global ranking as you suggest in your point 3. Unfortunately this is by far out of the scope of this app for now.

    You're not the only one to have this problem with the app. I really want to fix this bug but I need more information. Do you have the latest version of Connect IQ on your Fenix 3? Can you connect your watch to your computer, and browse folders GARMIN/APPS/LOGS on the watch, then send me files CIQ_LOG.txt and/or BADMINTON.txt?

  • Hello i have the version 1.2.2 of connect IQ.
    And the last firmware all updatated.
  • When you discover the bug tell because i want very much to try this app!!

    And you can create an app for training ou include that in this app one side playing and other for training! ;)
  • Hello!

    Thanks for the file, it helps (not as much as I hoped, but still)! I am working on a new version that I'll be able to publish in a few days.

    How do you think an app can help you for training?
  • @paulatinamente

    I forgot to ask: could you please tell me what is the model of your watch?
  • Can help like tell me the calories burn the distance... Can have a plan of train for badminton examples os exercices...
    I have a garmin fenix 3 with a week xD
    I am waiting for the new version very excited for try in my watch and in when i am going to play xD
  • Hello!

    Could you please try this new version attached to this message? Download the zip, extract the .prg file and put it on the folder APPS on your watch. I really hope it will work. Thanks for your patience!