HMs DIY #1-6

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A detailed description of how to use it can be found here: 


Thanks very much to mcinner1 for putting so much time into this documentation!

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* fixed a bug in an array when calculating average of many values
* datafield is now shown to support all languages available (because everyone can enter his own language of course)
* switched to new SDK 4.0.1
* new values: Total season ascent (similar to odometer, value will be stored in the settings until manually reset), Current lap ascent
* whitelisted designer tool
* added ssl certificate to download locations.
* switched to new SDK 3.2.5
* import of config string into designer also supports old version B now.
* new values: active minutes day, active minutes week, active minutes week goal, wind bearing, wind speed
* switched to new SDK 3.2.3
* added 12h time format (taken from device settings). $a will be replaced with am/pm in the time string.
* new values: Variability index, Intensity factor, Altitude difference from start

for full releasenotes see: releasenotes.txt


  • i have a question: when i touch the screen of my edge 1000 in any data page (not custom ones) it shows a Home icon shortcut , so i can load segments during a ride. Can i do the same in your custom screens?

  • I can do that on my Edge 1030. On the "other" DIY you could NOT do that

  • I would like to display an indicator next to my current speed that shows if I'm riding at a speed that is greater than or less than my average speed. If my Current speed  Average + X (where X is a fixed value in the range of 0 to 2) then I would like to display a "+" or up arrow. I 'd *** to display "-" or down arrow if my Current speed ≤ Average - X.

    I read to documentation and I don't see any why to perform a mathematical comparison to set dynamic colors. Am I missing something? Can this functionality be added to DIY?

  • Dear hundsmiachn. I am also a fan of mathematical (and some logical) expressions. It would be great that we could calculate some functions that we created, like previous DIY App or maybe like AppBuilder5. Have you planned that? If not, is it possible to add that function feature to ToDo list? :)

  • Hi,
    I'm using the datafield on my Forerunner 935 and it works well.
    Now I tested it on the Forerunner 235 but the fonts are wrong. (only capital letters and font size only 30%)
    Has someone a ready fonts.txt for the FR235?
    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi

    Every layout looks different on each device, so you have to adjust your layout on the fr235. Keep in mind that you have not all values available on the fr235, because it is a low mem one. Fonts should already look ok on the fr235. 

  • Just to inform you guys about ANT battery state for sensors:
    I've been running tests on the Garmin magnet-less speed and cadence sensors.
    Only the new generation 2 Garmin speed and cadence sensors provide the current battery status values via the DIY ANT values types. 
    And there is no way yet to get battery state from a HR-belt.

  • +1 on the HR belt. I even have a new Garmin Dual and can't figure out how to see that one.

    I've got older and newer Garmin magnet-less speed and cadence sensors AND even two GSC-10 speed/cadence sensors and they're all seen in the ANT battery values for me. So far I've seen NEW, GOOD, and OK. Waiting for one to go down to see what it says then, LOW perhaps?

  • Is the Garmin Varia RTL-510's battery status possible? I mean, see the remaining percentage?

  • There is an ANT value type available in DIY (ANT BikeRadar battery), but I am not able to test it - I have no Varia RTL.
    But you‘ll get not the remaining percentage but the battery status: 0: INVALID, 1: NEW, 2: GOOD, 3: OK, 4: LOW, 5: CRITICAL