HMs DIY #1-6

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A detailed description of how to use it can be found here: 


Thanks very much to mcinner1 for putting so much time into this documentation!

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* switched to new SDK 3.1.9
* added support for: Edge 1030 plus, Edge 130 plus, MARQ Golfer, Venu Mercedes-Benz Collection
* fixed some memory problems on medium devices
* Moved FR645M and FR245M to medium devices
* Added "Load from clipboard" button to designer. You can now load you layout from the created string for restoring a lost xml file
(of course not all elements can be recovered (seperators and which device for example, default device is the edge 1030)
* new value: "Difference Avg-Curr speed"
* descreased max number of elements of medium devices to 35
* odometer value is now saved every 30s and calculated differently during activity
* $T can now be used with addional text like all other replacements
* fixed bug where element was not hidden, even when dynamic color was set to hidden
* added gradient, temperature to low mem devices
* removed date replacement ($Y, $N, $D) from low mem devices to make space for gradient, temperature
Please inform me if this is needed in a low mem device!
for full releasenotes see: releasenotes.txt