Watch face with Tide???

Looking for a watch face with time and current tide on it, this would make my rip curl watch totally redundant and I believe sales of the Garmin watches go through the roof. All I can find is a tide 'app' for the fenix 3. I've got a forerunner 235.
Looked at developing one but my limited computer skills is restricting me to not even being able to install the developer program...
Can someone tell me if this watch face is even possible or If anyone out there is working on one?


  • I looked and it states my MK2i needs update, and it is.

    I am not being allowed to Install the Swell Pro watchface

  • Sadly i have no garmin (donations are welcome (: ) and i do not know about store limitations.
    All i can do for now is recommend you to update store, since firmware is already up to date,
    ask a MK2i friend to try, and join us on telegram group so maybe other users with more expertise can help. 

  • I’m with you Gussy, a watch face with tide shown would be awesome and would draw more surfers to Garmin for sure. I’ve just moved from an Apple SE to Epix 2. The Epix is good but the Apple had better surf features….it integrated with Dawn patrol app and tides really well. The Apple also had better surf details displayed during the activity (wave count, last wave distance and speed) the dawn patrol app also allowed dodgy waves to be deleted from your activity and was generally more accurate at start/stop positions (Garmin often includes the paddle back out after a wave is surfed??)