broken activity heart rate in Forerunner 955

Since locked the other thread where she / he told us to wait for a future fix but neither her / him nor anyone else from Garmin ever announced a fix for the broken HR readings this is the new place to report about the bug and to discuss it until we get a fix for it.

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  • Of course. Consent granted.

    I am going to start using strap and ohr for more activities and monitor

  • Where is the logic in this?

    Polar and all other external sensors working all fine with the FR955 until OS version 14.xx. The OHR in FR955 worked fine until OS version 14.xx then with OS version 14.xx problems arise with internal OHR AND external sensors. If you use your external sensor with any other device it still works fine. It is not a problem with the external sensor and not a problem with the internal OHR sensor.

    My conclusion is that IT MUST BE A SOFTWARE PROBLEM WITH THE FR955 since OS version 14.xx and it is beyond any logic and reason to conclude otherwise.

    Can you not escalate this a level higher? This makes absolutely no sense at this point if you insist on looking away from the facts.

  • Steve, 

    Please contact your local Product Support team if you wish to escalate this concern. Any further troubleshooting would not be possible via the forums.

  • This will not help this bug getting fixed and will be on a much lower level instead of escalating it to a higher level. I don't know what is going on internally but it does not look nice to me and will not help the users to get the "premium watch" they payed for.

  • I find very interesting that is trying to deflect the blame to Polar for the one user with a Polar chest strap. I had problems with a Garmin chest strap and they told me that in that case, the HR readings had to be accurate so my heart was actually spiking when stopping at red lights.

    They have no intention to fix this. They're gonna single you out by moving discussions to emails and tell you one by one that everything is working correctly so they won't do anything. I can share our email conversation if you guys want to see what's coming.

    By the way, I've done 2 runs with my new Coros watch and everything seems fine, no spikes at red lights.

  • yesterday had a 10k event, was stuck at the start line for like 30 minutes with the watch in running mode ready to start the activity (GPS green).

    Then I started the running activity and what is impressive this time is that the HR readings has gone crazy for the *whole* run.

    In 50 minutes the FR955 never caught the right HR and there was no correlation with real HR.

    I was like: "wow, great job"!

    I don't know what kind of issue disturbed the watch:

    • being in "ready mode" for that long time at the start line
    • playing mp3s in bluetooth headphones during the run, starting music after activity start (I usually start before)
    • recorded a short running warmup session before the activity (the warmup session has perfect real HR readings)

    As a result I've done my 10k PB and my average HR is at least 15-20 BPM under the real value that I know it's there because I ran faster than my usual 10k training and there was a huge hill on the track.

    What's cool is that running up that hill (a deal with god cit) my HR was steady low, unreal.

    HR chart is not correlated with the real HR.

    Sierra if you want to access my data it's ok for me but I mean it's a joke, you accessed dozen of users data for what?

    You're not fixing. But please, you're welcome.

    Seems like we're launching the man on the moon here.

    Given that the watch is not working and Garmin is not fixing the issue, is there a way to I don't know get a coupon for a HRM-Pro chest strap, get the money back?

    (downvoters are welcome, I love you all)

  • I am sharing morning 4k run today.

    Very easy effort but HR is quite erratic and then stuck around 76. Please see this. Version is 17.24. 

  • Similar problems with my Polar H9. I almost had no problems with the F6Pro.  Today it was the worst experience. I was running tempo (upper Z3 to mid Z4) and: wrist sensor after a bit was over estimating consistently to upper Z5 while the Polar was stuck at upper Z1. I tried while running, to enable/disable the Polar, and keep switching from wrist HRM to Chest and nothing worked. Watch was tight enough and chest strap tight and sweaty.

    Never experience that thing before.