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Explore 2 navigation goes a crazy daft route.

Wife and i have had edge 1030 each for almost 6 year and decided to replace with new explore 2, one each.

All brilliant first time out until  I pressed the back to start button, most direct route. to test navigation.  Were on a national cycle way. And very easy route home. But the explore wanted to take me the opposite way. West instead of east. Infact across A27, M27. Busy roads, large towns and twice the distance at least. 

Once home added a 6 mile destination on my old 1030, same on the new explore 2. 1030, perfect, safe, quiet and shortest route and using the the national cycle way for part, perfect.

The Explore. Most crazy route, busy roads, opposite way to begin with, busy towns, plus twice the distance. 

Wondering if I've missed a setting? Or are the new edges using a cheap version of software. 

So disappointed,  be grateful for any help

  • I just tried it on mine, I told it to navigate to somewhere about 6km away which has a nice quiet road straight to it and it did a ridiculous route about 20k. Then I went in to the avoidance options and turned off everything apart from in paved roads and ferries. That seemed to fix it and it did a sensible route. I haven’t worked out exactly which option makes it go nuts yet

  • Thank you, will try that

  • still having problems with my Expore 2, loads of emails between garmin and myself. They keep asking for screenshots of settings, but won't or can't  tell me what settings it should be. 

    Should have stuck to my edge 1030....

  • I find it odd that you replaced the 1030 with the Explore 2. I would consider this a downgrade since the 1030 has additional features and its firmware has been very stable.

  • We have a 1030 and just bought an Explore 2 to replace an old Edge Touring. I am appalled by the Explore 2 routing with its default Garmin map - it makes ridiculous roundabout routes, far longer than necessary.  No navigation setting fixes this problem. My solution is to replace the Garmin map with a Velomap which fixes the problem and routes the same as the 1030. My conclusion is that the default Garmin map for the Explore 2 is the cause of this crazy daft routing.

  • The Documentation is typically GARMIN Bad but

    In the Road profile Navigation Routing settings there our 8 choices from Bicycle to Auto to straight line 

  • tommays you are on the money. I have been trying to get decent routing with Garmin's map and found that most Routing Modes did not help. In fact they seemed to make little difference. Then out of desperation I tried pedestrian and amazingly that gave very good routing for my purposes. So it looks as if the Garmin Edge Explore 2 misunderstands OSM Highway keys and values - specifically it seems to think that some paths where cycling is allowed are restricted to pedestrians. 

  • No better with 7.09

  • So I just did the update and I would say it's better for navigation 

    Keep in mind Rural South Carolina is the world most bike-unfriendly place in the world 

    So the maps seen to work with walking and bicycle routing with the minimize distance option checked and it found a relatively SAFE  way to go from Longs to Conway on back roads I would not have thought to use it  

  • With Garmin’s map it is still hopeless in my city with every setting except pedestrian. Maybe the US map is better, maybe it works better somewhere with fewer roads and no bicycle paths.