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Explore 2 navigation goes a crazy daft route.

Wife and i have had edge 1030 each for almost 6 year and decided to replace with new explore 2, one each.

All brilliant first time out until  I pressed the back to start button, most direct route. to test navigation.  Were on a national cycle way. And very easy route home. But the explore wanted to take me the opposite way. West instead of east. Infact across A27, M27. Busy roads, large towns and twice the distance at least. 

Once home added a 6 mile destination on my old 1030, same on the new explore 2. 1030, perfect, safe, quiet and shortest route and using the the national cycle way for part, perfect.

The Explore. Most crazy route, busy roads, opposite way to begin with, busy towns, plus twice the distance. 

Wondering if I've missed a setting? Or are the new edges using a cheap version of software. 

So disappointed,  be grateful for any help