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(RESOLVED) - GPS Accuracy Issues Starting January 1st 2021

Fenix 6X Pro - s/w 13.10

My last 2 walking routes seem to be way off the mark when viewed on a map, whether in Garmin Connect or Strava. One had me starting 5 miles away.

Any reason for this? Is the GPS accuracy really bad? Are there any tips to improve accuracy?

Thanks for any assistance.

  • wait another 2-3 minutes after satellite acquisition for the best GPS performance.

    I have always, as a matter of routine, selected the activity well before starting an activity. In the 'old days' when I couldn't get a signal in the house I'd out the watch outside while I finished getting ready. Now, with the newer devices, I can get a signal in the house so select the activity while moving around. When open water swimming I'll put the watch on the roof of the car while I get ready. I have never had the need to press start and go immediately. I've even selected the activity while driving to a run.

    I really don’t want to give all my friends a 2, 3, 4, 5 minute head start each time we do an activity together.

    As noted, the solution is to start the satellite acquisition well in advance. If you know you can't get the signal in the house then put the watch outside.

    In general, I have found satellite acquisition much improved with the Sony chipset.

  • or there is a compromise that, for example, can result in so many negative posts about GPS in fenix 6

    My personal view is that a lot of the time people look back at earlier versions of watches with the different chipsets through rose tinted glasses. I have countless examples of recorded activities over the same course over many years (since 2006) with watches from 305 to F6, all just as good as each other. I also have some examples where the track is not so good for some reason. But I do know that overall it's hard to see any real difference between the different chipsets. 

    I can present tracks for comparison that show a bad result just as easily as I can a good result. But I have more good comparisons than bad.

    And as for the continued discussion about instant pace when trail running? I'm too busy watching my feet to worry about how fast I'm going. I do know that when I am running alongside the road on flattish paths that the instant pace works well enough in that it appears to match up with how fast I feel I am going for the perceived effort.

  • Thanks for the feedback, I will test next days. 

    Anyway, I would like to have more information about GPS soak in general. In the 2-3 minutes you suggested, the watch have to be without movement and the person still in the same position? Or is it ok also if I am walking without recording activity? 

  • It's better if you are still but I've had mine connected and been moving around. In general, the only time the watch is still when 'soaking' is before a swim when I put it on the roof of the car while getting ready.

    I think that as long as you give the watch some time it's going to be better than firing up the activity and starting immediately.

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    My Forerunner 45 is really slow to acquire the GPS signal, when it does . This is happening since January 1st 2021. I tried to switch from Glonass to Galileo, but still slow. After many sync with Connect app, I always have the same software version. How this has been fixed?

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    I am sorry your FR 45 is slow to acquire GPS. Regarding the issue that was the weekend of January 2nd, 2021 for products impacted, this Support Center article discusses what the EPO/CPE file is that remembers the positions of the satellites you use to speed up the GPS acquisition process - What Does EPO or CPE Mean on My Garmin Fitness Device?

    If you continue to experience issues with GPS satellite acquisition, it should be treated as a potential issue specific to your watch. Please reach out to your regional Garmin Product Support Fitness Running team for assistance.

    I am locking this thread since this issue was resolved.

    For anyone comes across this thread and has a GPS acquisition issue, it should be treated as a potential device issue when researching through the Support Center.