How to change the colour of 'navigation/course follow line' with your own map theme!

As I've posted in this thread, by the navigation line in my watch changed sometime in the middle of Sept. to a much thinner one that I've trouble seeing with most of my maps:

Contacted support, but they didn't have an answer.

I started to test what possibilities with the map theme files and found out that this style field="MPM_ACTV_CRS_CLR" is used for the navigation line.
If you create different map theme files with different colours, you can even change the colour while running depending on the map background.

Create a text file and save with extension 'kmtf' to the map theme folder on watch.

This text give you a dark green line with dark green borders.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
		<style field="MPM_ACTV_CRS_CLR">
				<primary day="#ff006400" night="#ff006400"/>
				<secondary day="#ff006400" night="#ff006400"/>

Great color code page:

Some examples: Blue, green, magenta and the last-right one are red with blue borders.
The two bottom-left is the thin original that shows up if no theme is used.

  • I have had a 6s pro before, but now I have a 945. 

  • Sorry, thanks for pointing that out.

    Shared the wrong folder:( Now I have moved my own files to the shared folder.

    Now it should be ok.!ArcZbYTRM95XgpRf9hoP8B-p0paXJg

    Not just for the 6 anymore.  Applied the custom themes to the 7 and work like a charm.  Thanks!

  • Great:)

    Good to know. Hopefully soon an Epix on my arm.

  • Hello, the link 

    1. Download my typ file from here and save it to the same folder as your img file.

    Is not working :(

  • Is not working :(

    Fixed, hopefully. No date limit no.

  • Just tried this on the Epix Gen 2.
    Unfortunately no matter what colours, the track is always dark green.

  • I'm also on epix now and it works perfect me. With track, do you mean line were you've been or course follow line? This is for course follow line.

  • I also made my own tests to finetune the colours of the display of my Fenix 6X.

    Months ago I created some typ files, but it is not the issue now for me.

    Recently I have tested what I can squeeze out from a user-defined theme.

    Right now my version is

    <style field="MPM_VEHICLE_CLR"><color><primary day="#ffff0000" night="#ffff0000" /><secondary day="#ffff0000" night="#ffff0000" /></color></style>
    <style field="MPM_VEHICLE_BRDR_CLR"><color><primary day="#ffff0000" night="#ffff0000" /><secondary day="#ffff0000f" night="#ffff0000f" /></color></style>
    <style field="MPM_VEHICLE_LEFT_CLR"><color><primary day="#ffff0000" night="#ffff0000" /><secondary day="#ffff0000f" night="#ffff0000f" /></color></style>
    <style field="MPM_VEHICLE_RGHT_CLR"><color><primary day="#ffff0000" night="#ffff0000" /><secondary day="#ffff0000f" night="#ffff0000f" /></color></style>
    <style field="MPM_VEHICLE_BACK_CLR"><color><primary day="#ffff0000" night="#ffff0000" /><secondary day="#ffff0000f" night="#ffff0000f" /></color></style>

    <style field="MPM_VP_VHCL_CLR"><color><primary day="#00000000" night="#00000000"/><secondary day="#00000000" night="#00000000"/></color></style>
    <style field="MPM_VP_VHCL_BRDR_CLR"><color><primary day="#00000000" night="#00000000"/><secondary day="#00000000" night="#00000000"/></color></style>
    <style field="MPM_VP_VHCL_LEFT_CLR"><color><primary day="#00000000" night="#00000000"/><secondary day="#00000000" night="#00000000"/></color></style>
    <style field="MPM_VP_VHCL_RGHT_CLR"><color><primary day="#00000000" night="#00000000"/><secondary day="#00000000" night="#00000000"/></color></style>
    <style field="MPM_VP_VHCL_BACK_CLR"><color><primary day

    <style field="MPM_ACTV_CRS_CLR" scale = "5" border = "5.00"><color><primary day="#ff000000" night="#ff000000"/><secondary day="#ff000000" night="#ff000000"/></color></style>

    Until this point I understand everything, what these 11 stylefields do in practice and I can also confirm that "scale" and "border" have no effect at all in case of Fenix 6


    <style field="MPM_ACTV_CRS_LEG_CLR"><color><primary day="#ff00ff00" night="#ff00ff00"/><secondary day="#ff00ff00" night="#ff00ff00"/></color></style>

    I dont understand when a course being run on Fenix 6X can have a leg (like a route can have a leg on handheld Garmin devices), and I had no success during any trial-and-error to understand when this stylefield is applied by Garmin. In other words during my tests I could never see Light Green , which is ff00ff00


    <style field="MPM_RTE_CLR"><color><primary day="#ff006400" night="#ff006400"/><secondary day="#ff006400" night="#ff006400"/></color></style>

    <style field="MPM_ACTV_RTE_LEG_CLR"><color><primary day="#ff006400" night="#ff006400"/><secondary day="#ff006400" night="#ff006400"/></color></style>

    <style field="MPM_RTE_ARRW_CLR"><color><primary day="#ff8b008b" night="#ff8b008b"/><secondary day="#ff8b008b" night="#ff8b008b"/></color></style>

    <style field="MPM_RTE_ARRW_OTLN_CLR"><color><primary day="#ff8b008b" night="#ff8b008b"/><secondary day="#ff8b008b" night="#ff8b008b"/></color></style>

     I found these stylefields in some of the downloaded themes, but to be honest I could not figure out what a route means in this case, how can it differ from a "navigated course". And nevertheless I could not create a situation when these colours of my them were displayed. In other words no Magenta arrows (ff8b008b) and no Dark Green (ff006400) ever.

    Is there anyone who can help me with the last 5 stylefields?

  • More test results:

    Using saved waypoints I could create a navigation route which was handled by Fenix 6X to be not a course, so its colour was not the one  I defined in MPM_ACTV_CRS_CLR.

    The colour of this route was pink, or light magenta, as you wish..

    Consequently MPM_RTE_CLR and MPM_ACTV_RTE_LEG_CLR have no effect on it. So  it seems to be unchangeable by us, users. In other words the colour of the route (more precisely the route leading to a saved waypoint)  is burnt-in in the firmware/software.

    Considering that these RTE (=route) style fields have no effect on that "calculated navigation line" being called as "non-course route" how the heck do I know that this a route in terms of style colours? Because  MPM_RTE_ARRW_CLR and "MPM_RTE_ARRW_OTLN_CLR do have an effect on the arrow which is shown at the start as "starting direction"

    So OTLN means outline (of the arrow).

    Note: I did not start on this route, so I dont know whether just a starting arrow exists or it will be shown later, too, but I suppose that if the latter then its colour will be defined by these two style fields.

    Final thought: since now I understand the meaning and the effects of 13 style fields, I have become more convinced that the remaining three must have some effects, too.

  • <style field="MPM_ACTV_CRS_CLR" scale = "5" border = "5.00">

    Only a year ago, yesterday in Garmin Forum terms.

    I have never seen scale/border working on Garmin's MapThemes as useful as that might be. But in scanning the standard EDGE POP_HighContrast.kmtf MapTheme file I noticed some "Width" parameters, no idea what FG or BG are or what effect these have on the map, presumably road width?

    <style field="MPM_POPULARITY_1_CLR" bg_width="-1" fg_width="50">
                    <primary day="#ffb0b0b0" night="#ffb0b0b0"/>
                    <secondary day="#00f8fcf8" night="#00f8fcf8"/>

    There are POPULARITY_1 to _7 fields.

    PS Fore-Ground / Back-Ground. Line / Boarder widths ???

    Any ideas?