How to change the colour of 'navigation/course follow line' with your own map theme!

As I've posted in this thread, by the navigation line in my watch changed sometime in the middle of Sept. to a much thinner one that I've trouble seeing with most of my maps:

Contacted support, but they didn't have an answer.

I started to test what possibilities with the map theme files and found out that this style field="MPM_ACTV_CRS_CLR" is used for the navigation line.
If you create different map theme files with different colours, you can even change the colour while running depending on the map background.

Create a text file and save with extension 'kmtf' to the map theme folder on watch.

This text give you a dark green line with dark green borders.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
		<style field="MPM_ACTV_CRS_CLR">
				<primary day="#ff006400" night="#ff006400"/>
				<secondary day="#ff006400" night="#ff006400"/>

Great color code page:

Some examples: Blue, green, magenta and the last-right one are red with blue borders.
The two bottom-left is the thin original that shows up if no theme is used.