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Bug: Epix Gen 2 Disconnecting and Reconnecting to Bluetooth often

I have used my Epix Gen 2 in several training activities since it arrived a few days ago. Overall it has been a wonderful experience. 

However, I find that there are occasions where the watch disconnects from my Samsung S21 Ultra and then reconnects within two or three seconds. The behavior happens about three times in a row and then it subsides.

Because it is reconnecting so quickly, I has not posed a significant problem. But, it is odd that it happens. The phone is always on my person when it happens.

The Epix Gen 2 has the latest software update and so does my phone. 

Anyone else experience this?

  • Same here. I use ios, however.

  • same here. using iphone 13 pro max. 

    sometimes it even disconnects when it’s right next to the phone

  • Same here on iOS iPhone 12 pro.  Disconnects and reconnects with the phone couple times in a row even when it is right next to it.  Hope some software issue.  Similar behaviour on my workmate's Fenix 7.

  • Same here .. 945 kept mobile phone in range much much better... Android phone 

  • That's always been the case with my FR945 and android, too! 

  • Mine does the same thing running a iphone 13.    I wish there was a fix or a work around

  • Hi, has anyone had issues with their wireless headphones disconnecting frequently on their Epix 2? This is driving me crazy when running. 

  • I just had it happen one day this week with my S21 Ultra.  I was driving and had my phone sitting right next to me.  Must have disconnected/connected 10+ times in just a few minutes.

    While reading this post it did it again so I took the steps of making sure all apps were up-to-date, restarted my phone & watch and disabled connection notifications in Connect.

  • Happened to me a few times with my Beats Powerbeats, while running with my iPhone with me.  I think the iPhone appeared to be “stealing” the headset connection during the run, so decided to forget the Powerbeats on the iPhone.  The next run was solid, and BT remained connected to the Epix.  Not many data points though, so time will tell.

    I have experienced a problem with my Beats Fit Pro’s disconnecting, and suffering frequent audio dropouts while running, and this was with no iPhone with me.  I run with the watch on my left wrist, and have not had a chance to see if switching to the right wrist helps with these headphones.  This is actually one of the reasons I switched back to the Powerbeats, to see if they performed better.  Ideally I’d like to be able to run with the Beats Fit Pro’s as I prefer them over the Powerbeats (the wire that connects each earpiece bugs me a little while running, for some reason).

  • Same problem with Samsung galaxy!