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Bug: Epix Gen 2 Disconnecting and Reconnecting to Bluetooth often

I have used my Epix Gen 2 in several training activities since it arrived a few days ago. Overall it has been a wonderful experience. 

However, I find that there are occasions where the watch disconnects from my Samsung S21 Ultra and then reconnects within two or three seconds. The behavior happens about three times in a row and then it subsides.

Because it is reconnecting so quickly, I has not posed a significant problem. But, it is odd that it happens. The phone is always on my person when it happens.

The Epix Gen 2 has the latest software update and so does my phone. 

Anyone else experience this?

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    I had a similar issue today mid-run. I made a thread not sure if you saw it. In addition to losing Bluetooth my Epix actually locked up and was unresponsive.

  • Same problem, I can test on two epix models, both latest FW version, iphone 13 mini, the connection range is way shorter than it was on fenix 6 pro solar, and in activities I can easily get even 100 reconnects, while my phone is in my back pocket. 

  • Updated 6/1/2022:

    This issue was resolved with the v8.21 software release.

    Referring to your watch specifically, if you continue to have issues, please create a new forum thread or reach out to Outdoor Product Support in your region.

    If you are experiencing Bluetooth headphones disconnecting or all sensors disconnecting, there are other forum threads for those issues.

  • Hi,
    I do have this setting on so I can get alerted when I forget my phone somewhere and leave. I had this on with my fenix 6s pro and did not have this issue.

    But in epix 2, looks like these disconnects happen even within the bluetooth range, sometimes even when the phone is next to the watch. Turning off the setting will stop these alerts. But that will make that setting not very useful for what I am using it for :)

  • The issue I'm experiencing isn't with disconnection between my Epix 2 and phone just when I'm running or any activity it continously looses contact with my Bluetooth headphones (I've tried multiple headphones too) this happens all the time. Has anyone experiences this whilst listening to Spotify over Bluetooth whilst connected  watch to head phones? 

  • I have this setting on, and frankly - switching it off is definitely not a solution - it's like if I see a problem, just look away...Smart notification won't work, because the phone is disconnected. I doubt it's a range problem, since disconnects also occur during activity (bike, or XC ski) when I have my watch on hand and phone in the back pocket - so the distance is less than 1m apart.

    The alerts are very handy when I forget my phone somewhere. I remember that fenix 6 also had similar issues in the first FW versions, but then it was fixed. So I hope it will be the same for Epix

  • Another option would be to have the alert show say after 10 seconds of disconnection if the connection has not been regained by then.

    That way, it will still be useful for people using it to get alerted when they leave the phone behind and also eliminate lot of unwanted connect/disconnect alerts.

  • I did disable these alerts, primarily because I was starting to find them annoying while at home where I often leave the phone in a location where wandered away from for periods.  I do recall experiencing some disconnects while the phone (iPhone 13 pro) was with me though.

    I concluded they were more annoying than valuable, but I can see how they’d be useful as a warning for those wanting to know if they forgot their phone on any occasions,

    Given that I’ve turned off these notifications on the watch, my main issue is that the BT integration doesn’t seem to be solid with one preferred pair of BT headphones: Beats Fit Pro’s (disconnects and audio dropouts).  

    I have found the Epix able to maintain a solid BT connection to my Beats Powerbeats headphones, so this does seem to be - for me - headphone specific.  Perhaps it’s a quirk of the Beats Fit Pro BT performance and the Epix BT, but I’d love to be able to use the Beats Fit Pro’s rather than the older Powerbeats.

  • Same problem, frequent disconnect/connect pairs within seconds even within arm’s range and no obstacles. Very annoying.

    iPhone X on iOS15.1 - just noticed there’s a 15.3 update pending.

    Will try upgrading but not expecting this to fix the connection seeing the amount of similar reports on various phones/os 

  • I agree with you. I am sure that the developers will be working hard on fixing this bug and that this is likely up in their product backlog for the next couple of development sprints. However, software developer sprints are typically two or three weeks long, so there is no telling where this specific bug fix is in the priority list in light of anything else they have already put up there. I did turn off the setting as suggested so that I do not have to deal with the constant on/off notifications.