makeWebRequest stopped working on Vivoactive 3 firmware 7.00

On Vivoactive 3 firmware 7.00, data-driven watch faces almost never update.

The issue has been observed with the weather functionality in bine8x8's watch faces, xDrip+/Spike Watchface, NightscoutWatch, etc.

Based on developer reports, it sounds like the requests are made but the callback is almost never called. On my device, the issue has been present for 2 days, and of the last ~600 polls I only noticed 1 callback, at a random time somewhere in the middle.

I downgraded to firmware 6.90 and that fixed the issue (until the Connect app forced the upgrade again).

Web requests are still working on widgets.

Most of the discussion so far has been in this thread:

  • When will the forums be fixed so i can post follow up questions? (Have already written/lost many.)

  • vivoactive 3 v7.20 fixes this issue and has gone live.

  • Garmin has stopped pushing the broken 5.20 firmware to my VA3M, so maybe they have realized it was broken at this point. No updates from them here is really frustrating (the forum doesn't seem to be posting every comment so maybe they just aren't using the forum until its fixed [which is itself kind of lame].)

    So, if you downgrade it might just be enough to fix this now - here's how to downgrade:

    ***Note: downgrading Garmin device firmware will erase anything you had stored on the device (maybe except for music) as well as its connection to your phone, so back anything up on your device that you may need before trying this and expect to re-do the pairing process and set the device up with the phone's Connect app all over again.
    ***Note: if Garmin is pushing a newer firmware your device will be re-upgraded within a day or so to the newer firmware. There's no way to stop this that I know of.

    1. Find a beta firmware .zip file on Garmin's website (e.g., search google for "Vivoactive 3 Music software update beta" and you should find a downloadable file from named Please don't go to any random website, only download from official site.)
    I have found this for VA3:
    and this for VA3M:
    2. The beta .zip's will usually have both the beta firmware and the previous release version, which is the one you want.
    Unzip the file and copy out the non-beta firmware (e.g., GUPDATE_490.GCD)
    3. Rename the firmware file, e.g., from GUPDATE_490.GCD, to GUPDATE.GCD
    4. Attach your garmin device to a computer via USB
    5. Put the firmware file into YOUR_WATCH_DEVICE\Garmin folder, with the file name GUPDATE.GCD
    6. Disconnect the garmin device from the computer and wait for it to apply the firmware update
    7. After the firmware is updated on your garmin device, it should be at the start of its setup process, e.g., asking you for your language choice. if not, to check that the firmware update was applied go to settings->system->about->sw versions to see what software version it has. (if its not as expected, you could try the above again.)
    8. Re-connect the garmin device to your phone by starting the pairing process on the device and then finishing it on your phone by entering the PIN (this may vary by device, essentially you are re-doing the entire pairing process - if you have trouble you may need to remove the prior pairing in Garmin connect, and/or the phone settings and then re-try and/or reboot your phone and re-try.)

  • How can I downgrade? I need the Nightscout - my son is Typ 1 Diabetes and uses the vivoactive just to get his glucose values - pls help