Run Power: Data Field

A single run field...with power.

Works with standard power meters, including running pods such as Stryd. [Garmin Running Power not supported.]

Supported devices
- All Garmin Connect IQ watches except Epix

Get Run Power from the app store:

Full Manual
Everything you need to know and all the latest info will always be here:

Please use this thread for questions, comments and suggestions. I'd love to hear whether this field is useful and how it can be improved!


  • Power Zones
    • All watches support 5 zones
    • Most watches support up to 10 zones
    • Customize zone names
  • Power Alerts
    • Lap Power Alerts
    • Structured Workout Power Alerts (not 735XT / VAHR / Approach S60)
    • Custom Power Alerts (high/low)
    • Zone-based Power Alerts
  • Color-coded Power/HR/Cadence (optional)
  • Custom colors for Power
  • 6 fields
  • Literally 100s of metrics to choose from, especially variations on power (and normalized power)
    • Easily select metrics by choosing phrases from 3 short lists. e.g. "Lap", "Maximum", "Power"
  • Define custom metrics with formula like "Power/HR"
  • Optionally records power to activity FIT file:
    • Graph
    • Lap Average and Maximum
    • Activity Average and Maximum
  • Filters abnormally high power values [above 2000] to get around Garmin firmware bug which messes up your power stats

Feature support varies by device. For more information:

Available Metrics:

Any meaningful combo of:

  • Overall [current/total], Lap, Last Lap
  • Average, Minimum, Maximum, 3/10/30 second average, or none of the above
  • The following "base metrics":
    • Time, Distance, Pace, Power, Power Zone, Efficiency Index, Efficiency Factor, Power/HR, Running Effectiveness, Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate
    • Calories, Elevation, Ascent, Descent
    • HR Zone, HR %Max, HRR%, %FTP
    • Normalized Power, Normalized Power Zone, Intensity Factor

For example, if you're interested in power, you've got:
Current Power, Average Power, Minimum Power, Maximum Power, and 3s/10s/30s Power
Lap / Last Lap: Avg, Min, and Max Power

Full Change History:

  • Full Manual

    Everything you need to know and all the latest info will always be here:


    Change History

    • 9.4 945, Fenix 6 (all), Marq, VA4: Improve appearance of label and header/footer text: increase font size and fix vertical alignment (for footer)

    • 9.3 Support Vivoactive 4/4S and Legacy watches

    • 9.2 Support Fenix 6 family and newer MARQ devices

    • 9.1 Limit previous fix to T4 and T5 devices, due to memory constraints

    • 9.0 Fix intermittent issue where Run Power can't reconnect to the power sensor (via ANT+ ID), thanks to the folks at Stryd

    • 8.9 Add support for 245, 245 Music, 945 and MARQ

    • 8.8 Restore theme color for T0, T2 and T3. Color must be entered as CSS color code (sorry!):

    • 8.7 Custom metrics: fix crash with certain formulas. Add "steps" variable (steps during activity)
    • 8.6 Reduce memory usage
      T3: Allow NP/IF and Lap NP/IF at the same time
      T2/T3: Add options to disable HR/Power colors. Add options for alert frequency, limit
    • 8.5 Reset custom metrics when activity is reset
      (May not even affect any real devices, as most watches also restart apps on reset)
    • 8.4 Fix calculation of Lap NP, Lap IF
    • 8.3 Fix possible FR230 (and other T0 watch) crash by making app a bit smaller.
    • 8.2.1 Fix crash on power spikes (values greater than 2000). Thanks to the user who submitted this bug report!
    • 8.1.1 Fix Custom Metric B, so that work is displayed in kJ (not J), to avoid large numbers
    • 8.1 Fix T2/T3 watch crash on sending new settings or new install
    • 8.0

      For T2 and T3 watches:

      - Add Power, HR field coloring
      - Power colors supported for 5 power zones only
      - Remove theme color setting
      - Remove HR %Max, HRR% metrics
      - If you change units (distance, speed, pace) or tones/vibes during an activity, Run Power will not pick up the changes until you start a new activity.
    • 7.0.6 • Fix RE crash when power is 0
    • 7.0.5 Fix Running Effectiveness for T3 watches
    • 7.0.3 Fix Running Effectiveness crash
    • 7.0 (T3) Add Intensity factor
      (T4) Customize alert frequency/limit
    • 6.9.3 Fix power alerts when directly connected to sensor
    • 6.9.2 Add Running Effectiveness
    • 6.9.1 Improve 2-field layout
    • 6.8 (T5) Add recording support for custom metrics
    • 6.7 (T4) Add optional custom zone colors. e.g. 5 zones:
      -1, #AAAAAA, #00AAFF, #00FF00, #FF5500, #FF0000
    • 6.6 (T4) Add 5 field layout
    • 6.5.2 (T4) Add optional coloring for cadence
    • 6.5.1 Fix crash
    • 6.5 Add optional HR/Power field coloring for large memory watches
    • 6.4 Round watches: Add 6C and 4B layouts, with large numbers
    • 6.3 Improve 6 field layout for F5S, 230/235/630/735
    • 6.2 Fix "null" label
    • 6.1 VA3 (M): Fix crash. Use bigger fonts
    • 6.0 Improve 6 field layout for 645(M), 935, and all Fenix 5 except 5S.
    • 5.3 FIT recording: support Stryd Powercenter and Smashrun
    • 5.2 Added 2/4 field layouts for most current round watches: 935, 645/M, VA3/M, Fenix 5/5X/5+, D2 Charlie/Delta, Descent MK1
      Not: Fenix 5S/Chronos

      Cutting edge watches:
      Changed defaults for Custom Metrics A/B to "Work" and "Power / Weight", since EI and Power/HR are already available.
    • 5.1 - 645M; fix crash on new lap
    • Add %FTP for most devices
    • 4.2
      Add support for 230, 235, 630, Vivoactive
    • 4.1
      - Fixed power meter pairing issue
    • 4.0
      - EXPERIMENTAL: Add support for Vivoactive 3, 3M, HR; Approach S60; 645
      - Fix crash with HR zone on some watches
    • 3.1
      Fix 645M crash. Improve recording behaviour when power data unavailable
    • 3.0
      EXPERIMENTAL Add support for 645M. 645M users will have to set the ANT ID of their power meter in the app settings. For Stryd users, this can be found be connecting Stryd as a cadence foot pod:

      - Add support for recording power to FIT file (Fenix 5+/5X, D2 Charlie/Bravo, 645M)
    • 2.6
      Add option to display clock or lap number in the header.
      Fenix 3, 920XT and D2 Bravo always show the lap number

      Reduce memory usage.
    • 2.5
      Reduce memory usage

      - Fenix 3, D2 Bravo and 920XT:
      Add metrics: Efficiency Factor, Efficiency Index and Power/HR. All watches have these metrics now

      - 735XT, 935 and Fenix 5
      Add zone-based power alerts. All watches that support alerts also have zone alerts now
    • 2.4 All watches except Fenix 3, D2 Bravo and 920XT:
      - Add new metrics: Efficiency Factor, Efficiency Index and Power/HR.
    • 2.3
      - Show battery percentage (as text) in bottom area
      - Reduce memory usage.
      - Fenix 5, FR935, 735XT:
      To save memory and support newly added features, you have to choose between:
      - Both NP and NP Zone
      - A single 30-second metric (e.g. 30-second Power)
    • 2.1 Smaller memory CIQ2 watches (Fenix 5, FR935, 735XT)
      - Support for 10 zones
      - Support for lap-based power alerts
    • 2.0 Large memory watches:
      - Support for 10 zones
      - Support for calling zones whatever you want. e.g. Palladino: 1a, 1b, 1c, 2, 3a, 3b, 4, 5, 6, 7
      1.3 Large memory watches:
      Alerts by zone
    • 1.2: Large memory watches: Add support for lap power alerts (high/low).
      1.1: Fix calculation of Min/Max Normalized Power. Fix crash when selecting a non-supported metric like "Average Time", which should just be changed to "Time". Add support for Descent MK1
    • 1.0.8: Initial release
  • This is brilliant, and just a quick test and working. Next step to test the alerting feature. The only "improvement" other thing i would review is battery level at the bottom or gps strength but they can be found to easily via another screen. Many thanks FlowState
  • Matt_Barrett thanks for the feedback and the review! Glad you like it.

    I hope selecting metrics isn't too awkward with the 3 lists, but I wanted to give people the choice of pretty much *any* metric they want.

    Memory is a little tight in all but the 5X/5Plus watches unfortunately, so I'm not sure what I can do about about drawing additional icons/indicators in the data fields. Battery percentage (without icon) may be possible, but I'll have to think about it. I'd like to save some room for any future metrics that are requested....
  • So exciting to get another option for power alerts Any chance we can get alerts based on the structured workout target? I do use a single target for races but all my workouts have different targets through structured workouts (I use Matt Fitzgerald's 80/20 power based training plans).
  • muness apps don’t have access to workout info, so the only way it would work is if you were to enter the targets in the settings yourself. (I.e. Some sort of list of targets, per lap).

    I’ll try to see if it’s doable without blowing up the size of the app. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Note that only newer watches with Connect IQ 3 are aware of workout step transitions, so this feature won’t be available for 735. (920 and Fenix 3 don’t have power alerts in this app, period).
  • Thanks for checking into it I use a 5 Plus with Stryd personally so the CIQ 3 constraint is fine by me. What a shame the lap target isn't accessible to data fields :(
  • muness Something I don’t understand. If you are doing a power-based workout with lap targets, won’t you already get alerts? Otherwise why have targets?

    Also, run workouts obv don’t let you set power targets. Are you running while doing structured cycling workouts in bike mode?

    I’m only asking because if you have some way of getting built in power alerts, Run Power is not going to give you any advantage, since it does pretty much the same thing (except you can only see them while looking at the data field.)


    EDIT: Regardless of the answers to those questions, I think it's a feature worth having, so I added it for "large memory" watches such as Fenix 5+.

    In the Power Alert High/Low settings, you can now enter a single number or a list of numbers.

    If you enter a single number (e.g. 150), that is the alert threshold for the whole activity.
    If you enter a list of numbers (e.g. 0, 150, 200), those are the thresholds for the laps. In this case, lap 1 has no threshold, lap 2 has a threshold of 150 and lap 3 has a threshold of 200.

    As before, 0 means "no alert".
  • FlowState no, the Garmins don't do power alerts for run workouts. I've tried the workaround of setting my workouts to Bike Mode but don't want to set that manually for every workout.

    What I have to do is to watch for the current target when a lap first starts and then look at the Stryd field to make sure I am within target. Two problems with this: No alerts :( and I have to remember what my power zones are (not a big deal, just takes a little time).

    I see the new power alerts - brilliant! I was wondering: since we already set power zones, can the alerts be based on not being within target? e.g. a list (1,2,4,2,4,2,1) would mean power zone 1 for lap 1 and leaving it would result in an alert, then power zone 2 and 4, etc... That would make the setting entries a lot easier with one list instead of 2 and also leverage power zones already defined.

    I am sure the Facebook Stryd usergroup will be stoked when they see this!

    Also, please take my money or give me a way to donate towards your development of this field. This data field tackles a problem a lot of us power-based runners have been trying to address.
  • muness Okay that's what I thought. Guess I got confused when you asked about structured workout targets.

    In your example (1,2,4,2,4,2,1), are you saying you want:
    Lap 1 = zone 1
    Lap 2 = zone 2
    Lap 3 = zone 4
    Lap 4 = zone 2
    Lap 5 = zone 4
    Lap 6 = zone 2
    Lap 7 = zone 1

    Yes, that is reasonable. I'll look into it and get back to you. I think it opens up a whole can of worms tho, because the next thing people will want is to only use the high or low threshold from a given zone....

    For now I hope you don't mind entering your thresholds manually.

    No worries, this is just a weird hobby of mine even tho my day job is also coding >_>.

    I do have a stopwatch app that you might want to check out if you run lots of intervals. I happen to think it would be good if you like the simplicity of the Fenix 5/935 Garmin stopwatch, but hate the fact that it takes 20 button presses to reset the stopwatch.... It can record your laps as an activity (just like the Garmin stopwatch) but also has a few other features, like the ability to show splits (total times) in the lap list.

    Also, if you find Run Power useful, I wouldn't mind a review in the store.
  • This will definitely be exciting for Stryd users. In addition to whats already mentioned on the power alerts for structured workouts. maybe minor but is there a way to make the datafield fonts larger and include addition pace options such as Lap and Average Pace? I will be testing on my evening and report back. Thanks for the excellent work.