Watchface: Data Lover

A watch face featuring:
  • a readable time font
  • sun events
  • active statistics (heart rate / steps / stairs)
  • YAHOO! weather & forecasts.
  • ....

  • Hi,

    I use the top gauge to display sunrise and sunset.

    It would be great to have an option to use a zone (field 6) to display the time of the next event (sunrise if it is sunrise, sunset if it is sunset, dawn if it is dawn...)

    Also an option to always use the last GPS location for the weather would be great :)

  • as to the next event while this isn't particularly hard to implement there are many parameters as some people might just want sunrise/sunset others would want all the events happening.... 

    another issue with adding functionality is that all code consumes memory and I'm already getting occasional out of memory reports from some watch face owners, so I don't want to push it too far by adding more and more content....

    Also an option to always use the last GPS location for the weather would be great :)

    that's the default behavior.

  • Ok got it

    Concerning the default behavior for GPS can you please give more details?

    I use the Lat/Long option to display weather data of my home. When I travel, I start an activity, the weather is displayed for that city but after some time the weather is back to my home city.

    Is there something that I am missing?

  • You should enable "allow lat/lon override by GPS" in the settings...

  • This is exactly how it is set up.

    Does the position that is cached is reset when the Connection to the phone is lost?

  • For me it is working like that. If I want fixed position for the weather, a have to input lat/long and disable "allow lat/lon override by GPS" in the settings. If I want position from the last activity, I have to enable "allow lat/lon override by GPS" in the settings.

  • Yes for me also but after a while that position taken from the GPS is "lost" and the watch is back using the saved location.

    I wanted to know what is the behavior for the app to go back using saved location instead of last GPS fix (is it after X hours, after connection lost with phone...?)

  • try erasing lat/long from the fields, that is the only thing that I can think of...

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