Watchface: Data Lover

A watch face featuring:
  • a readable time font
  • sun events
  • active statistics (heart rate / steps / stairs)
  • YAHOO! weather & forecasts.
  • ....

  • Thanks for the reply. I thought that with enabling faster weather updates I would get more relevant weather data, but if openweathermap doesn't refresh the data so frequently through the API, than refreshing it through Watchface makes no sense...

    For instance, there is no use in refreshing weather data every 15 minutes of 30 minutes if data through API is refreshed every hour or so...In this particular case that I sent you, openweathermap web page was shoving 28 degrees for maybe an hour, and watchface was showing 27 degrees...than after maybe an hour, on openweathermap web page the data was changed to 29 degrees, but on watchface, after the update it still showed the 27 degrees...

    With this particular case, I can only conclude that openweathermap web page is refreshed at least every 15 minutes, and openweathermap API is not refreshed for at least an hour...which means that refreshing more frequently that that through watchface makes no sense...


    P.S. since we are discussing things, I was just wondering if you plan of enabling the field that shows temperature from the internal sensor on the watch? most of other WFaces have it, it is the only thing that I can see is missing from your watchface in comparison to the others...Some WF-es even have the possibility to ignore the body temperature and it can show very accurately the temperature of the very useful for me when I swim and it shows the water temperature or in apartment what is the current temperature, and in many more occasions...:)

  • not much memory left in Data Lover (not even on the new watches) but I probably should be able to add that, I'll add it to my backlog. 

  • Great, thx. With that, for me, your WF is complete! :) one more question; is it possible for WF to retrieve the location for the weather updates from the phone, not from the watch (since I have to turn GPS on the watch every time I move around to get accurate weather - and the phone's GPS is always on).

    My last watch (Xiaomi, not Garmin) was retrieving GPS location for the weather updates from the phone...and it is much better than retrieving GPS location from the watch...

  • that's not possible. watch faces can only access the location of the last gps activity (and only during a very short period)

  • ok, thank you for the info :) so, now we wait for internal temp field. :) Thank you once more!

  • Hi Peter,

    one question - i didn't notice this before; it seems that bluetooth status icon doesn't change the appearance depending on connection status between the watch and mobile phone...

    it is always like this (blue icon, standing on the screen) , I do not know if this is planned behaviour? I think it should appear/disappear depending on connection status...?

    I can send you more data if you need it...

    kind regards, daniel

  • hi Daniel, this is a bug in the Garmin firmware. There's already a ticket logged about this here:  and (You can subscribe to those threads to get updates sent to your email address)

    One this ticket is resolved by Garmin it will be automatically be solved in Data Lover too. 

  • Hi,

    I use the top gauge to display sunrise and sunset.

    It would be great to have an option to use a zone (field 6) to display the time of the next event (sunrise if it is sunrise, sunset if it is sunset, dawn if it is dawn...)

    Also an option to always use the last GPS location for the weather would be great :)

  • as to the next event while this isn't particularly hard to implement there are many parameters as some people might just want sunrise/sunset others would want all the events happening.... 

    another issue with adding functionality is that all code consumes memory and I'm already getting occasional out of memory reports from some watch face owners, so I don't want to push it too far by adding more and more content....

    Also an option to always use the last GPS location for the weather would be great :)

    that's the default behavior.

  • Ok got it

    Concerning the default behavior for GPS can you please give more details?

    I use the Lat/Long option to display weather data of my home. When I travel, I start an activity, the weather is displayed for that city but after some time the weather is back to my home city.

    Is there something that I am missing?