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Please post any issues, questions and / or suggestions you have here and I will assist as best I can.

  • ThomasHunter Thank you for sticking with it and not giving up!
    I am very glad and delighted that it works now!

  • Hi Hermo
    I was only monitoring the forum so I hadn't noticed that there was an update. I've installed it yesterday and have no battery drain anymore. The OHR shuts down every now and then, just like before. So I'd say whatever it was, it's definately fixed for me now. Thx a lot!! :-)
  • Scorp1981 I am glad to hear! Thanks for reporting back.
    It must have been a firmware / system issue as I haven't done anything from my side regarding this issue you had.
  • Well, the funny thing is, that there was no update on my F3HR, nor did I change anything (settings or whatever). The only thing that changed was your update. So, I give you all the credit, wheter you want it or not! ;) :cool:
  • Weird things certainly happen. ;)
    At least everything is all good now!
  • Privacy Policy

    NoFrills collects the following non-identifiable information in Google Analytics:

    • Unique identifier
      A unique identifier generated by ConnectIQ inside NoFrills.
      This is NOT the same as your device ID and is calculated from the device ID and app id, yielding a completely safe and unique identifier.
    • Device name
      For statistical purposes. Helps to identify popularity across different devices and in the future identify obsolete devices for which support can be stopped.
    • Language
      For statistical purposes and to determine the feasibility of creating translations for this app in the future. The value is any of the 29 languages supported by Garmin.
    • Mobile OS
      For statistical and troubleshooting purposes. Values are iOS, Android or Windows Phone.
    • Firmware version
      For troubleshooting purposes.
    • NoFrills version
      For troubleshooting purposes.
    • CIQ version
      For troubleshooting purposes and feature feasibility studies.
    • Country and City
      Google Analytics derive this information from an anonymized version of your IP address. It does not store any IP addresses.

    Collection of the above-mentioned information is for my eyes and use only.
    The main purpose is to enable continuous improvements and enhance maintenance of NoFrills in order to ensure optimal performance for everyone.

    Neither GPS coordinates nor IP addresses are tracked or stored by me.
    Google Analytics prohibits tracking data of this nature, and I fully comply with Google's rules.

    Tracking is only done on devices that support CIQ 2.3.0 and later.
    This means that older devices like the Vivoactive, Epix, Forerunner 920XT, Forerunner 230, 235, 630 and all Fenix 3 variants are excluded from tracking.
    Currently there is a bug in the App store that still prompts for a user's consent for internet communication and background permissions, even though a device does not support it.
    In this case you can still proceed knowing that your device won't be tracked.

  • Former Member
    Former Member over 3 years ago
    Dear developer.
    My garmin express program version
    My watch is vivoactive HR.
    I connect my watch on my computer and set "NoFrills" from garmin express
    I can't see explain title. (Look photo file)
    Help me
  • SAKEDORA There is a bug in Express. I have reported this to Garmin a couple of months ago.
    please see if updating Express to latest version fixes it.
    Otherwise you can set your computer language to English for the moment you want to configure NoFrills. I have tested this workaround in the past.
  • So glad you noticed it! I was planning on notifying you this morning, but you jumped me! :)
    Thanks for a great suggestion, I agree this is how it should have been implemented from the beginning!

    Having improved your watchface together may I have a request that I cant justify with any strong argument except for my standalone need?

    Could you please add the combo of “altitude - steps” or “steps - altitude” to the list of options?

    Usually I am interested in actual HR, actual altitude and steps made, and there would be no need to switch between widgets if you added it.
  • I love your watchface on my F935. Thank you for the great work! I am now having trouble with sunrise sunset data. I traveled to a timezone 9 hours away and back, and it seems to have confused the sunrise data. Right now my time is showing as 20:57 and sunrise sunset is showing as 15:33 - 02:11. Clearly wrong. Turning off the watch or playing with time zones on my iPhone, and then syncing, doesn't help. What can I do pls?