App: Hike2

The next generation of the Hike app. With additional memory and sensors on the vivoactive HR, all be looking at adding new stuff. Right now, it makes use of the hardware compass and barometric Altimeter!

Like Hike, it's stats up and once it gets GPS, press start to begin the recording. There are then a number of screens you can swipe through to see data, like time-distance, pace-speed, altitude data, lat/lon data, and a chart that shows your hike so far. Pressing the back button while recording marks a waypoint, and pressing start pauses the recording, and gives you the option to resume, save, or discard the recording.

To learn about some of the basic functionaly here, see the thread for the initial version:

Please post questions and problems here.
  • Ditto jim_m_58.  Key words wait outside. As I gather stuff inside I start app.  I go outside to adjust my gear. As I wait for watch to vibrate. I press the start button on my v4. Don’t even look at the screen any more at the start.  

  • Looking forward to trying this over the weekend. 

    The link for the original version has been moved to here

  • Installed this on my Vivioactive 4 on which, remarkably, Garmin did not include a hiking app, closest was the Walk app which I had been using. This App is great, BUT I can only give it 3 stars because I cannot customize the setting (by clicking on the three dots). I tried to eliminate the many fields that I do not use and change a couple of other settings. When I tried to Save these settings, I repeatedly got a message, "cannot save at this time." I tried this several times w/o success. I would rate this App five stars if this is fixed and buy the developer "a cold drink" or two. Help!! 

    UPDATE: I was able to save the settings with the Garmin App on my phone. Would not work on my Apple desktop. Up the rating to 4.5 stars. Would be 5 stars with a "return to start" function (arrow and distance) as on the "Walk" Garmin app on the watch.