PSX-1 - stress, respiration - breath, body temperature, MFP - MyFitnessPal, weather..


  • What the number  figure after the location (in field above time) stands for? This is the information (in minutes) of how old the weather data is.
  • Can I show seconds?
    Yes, go to settings and choose in [AOS] seconds (or colon or hide). Not all device support AOS (e.g. fr735 and amoled in AOD).
  • Why does weather is not updated when GPS is changed?
    Weather is updated every 30' so if you see e.g. Location 12'  it means next update will be done after 18 minutes and GPS can change many times during this period but the latest one will be used to fetch weather.
  • Location name is incorrect. Why?
    First of all, it doesn't have to be the your location name! It's not reverse geocoding of you position. WF takes your GPS-X, sending to OWM which searches for nearest weather station and returns GPS-Y and any description (probably text that owner of weather station was put into it's device). So I don't have any influence on Y and name it should be used only for estimation of correct weather data.
  • What to do when WF starts to works badly or differently than usual or crash?
    Check and if is the new version of WF install it. Check and if is the new firmware for watch install.
  • What exactly does "Change colour AUTO" mean in the settings?
    When this option is ON and there is correct sun event time, WF automatically change background to white (day - light theme) or black (night - dark theme).

How to:

  • change watch face's (WF) settings (units, theme colour, AOS etc.)?
    You may not see some properties e.g. 12/24 time format, temperature - this properties are read from WATCH SETTINGS so you have to setup it IN WATCH - not in WF (check watch's user guide):
    • from external apps - read wiki;
    • directly on watch (not all properties) - GO to menu where you choose watch faces, ACCEPT PSX-1 WF, CHOOSE from menu settings/customise;
  • read probability of precipitation (POP)?
    There are 3 values for 3 periods separated by a colon or - when no data (e.g. [2 : - : 0] means [20% ≤ POP < 30% : no data in period : POP < 10%];
    Periods last 3 full hours (00:00-03:00, 03:00-06:00 ...) but first one can be shorter e.g. if you get data at 14:15 it means periods are 14:15-15:00 15:00-18:00 18:00-21:00);
    POP is shown when value in any period is ≥ 20%.
  • obtain OpenWeatherMap private key (OWMk):
  • change theme?
    NOT ALL DEVICE HAS THEMES - enter number of theme in settings (if theme # is ZERO and property is DISABLED - NO THEMES), SAVE settings and QUIT (to widgets/apps/watch settings/etc.) and RETURN to WF (theme is applied WHEN WF STARTS).
  • uninstall app?
    When you have problem with update/uninstall WF go to settings insert into [MAX requests] 0 (zero) and SAVE settings. Wait about 6 minutes and there should be no any problems following standard procedure.
  • solve problem with bad location for weather (or when you see GPS?)?
    Put correct properties for GPS in WF's settings:
    • Manual - if you want GPS from values you enter in [ManualGPS lat;lon;] (LATitude;LONgitude;  - remember about 2 semicolons - if you see Globe you probably choose Manual and put 0.0;0.0; or you put bad values);
    • Connect - from Connect app in your phone (according to the settings in Connect app);
    • Activity - start activity with GPS (running, walking etc.) wait for green GPS signal, end activity and return to WF;
  • solve problem with "no data" (?, ---, grey values/icon)?
    If you can't see data usually means no data from sensors (switch them on in watch settings) or no data from OWM (obtain OWMk or solve problem with GPS); some device doesn't have some sensors (e.g. VenuSq doesn't have barometer so no floors) so it's impossible to show some data - change/hide this data;
  • get good values for stress and respiration/breath?
    You have to take care of:
    • good HR samples (good fit to the wrist);
    • correct HR zones (if it can't be read from profile assumes for 40-year-old);
    • correct average 7d resting HR or current resting HR - set correct values in user profile in watch: Settings | User Profile | Heart Rate | Resting HR (set 7/ manual - can't be empty);
  • show MFP -  MyFitnessPal calories (read also about 9xx MFP errors below):
    1. Login to myfitnesspal portal in web browser;
    2. Choose FOOD tab and next Settings;
    3. On the bottom choose “Locked with a key” and enter your KEY;
    4. Remember your link to diary
    5. Logout from MFP!!!!!!!!
    6. Use link from 4. in web browser, enter KEY and you will see what others people who can know link can see;
    7. Again repeat points 1 and 2;
    8. Choose a proper radio button in Diary Sharing:
      A.    choose Public – if you want to make your diary public - required to view MFP calories in WF;
      B.    choose Private/Friends Only/Locked – if you don’t want to make diary public;
    9. If you choose A. you should fill watch face settings:
      •    [MFP] - YOURS_NAME (only name, no any special charakters like spaces, [, ], from 4.);
      •    [Calories MFP…] for set [current value]/[max]:
      • 498 – [MFP_goal -MFP_Totals(food)] / [MFP_goal];
      • 499 - [MFP_Remaining] / [MFP_Daily_Goal].
    10. Choose where to show MFP calories (in data filed or left/right progress bar)

Errors. Data is downloaded when is older than 30 minutes. If data are not updated for a long time you can see:

  • red/orange/yellow icons (UV/AQI);
  • always pending requests  [...] (icons and MFP data);
  • sometimes OWM return old data instead of returning errors - so data will be all the time "old";
  • you can see GPS instead of location name (but for some locations there may not be a name);

In case of problem with data (weather, name, MFP...) first:

  • check Bluetooth connection to phone and Internet connection in phone,
  • check errors displayed in name filed and fix problem according to #error.

Errors format |S,E,D| where:
E: error number
D: error details (when available)
S: service:

  • 1: OWM UV
  • 2: OWM pollution
  • 4: OWM weather/location
  • 8: MFP
  • 16: OWM POP

Error numbers:

  • 0: unknown error
  • < 0:, often seen:
    • -300: timeout (request was sent but Connect has no Internet or watch was disconnect from phone)
      -400: bad format of respond or temporary error of service
  • 401: wrong OWM api key (check settings)
  • 404: no web site/server (probably no internet connection)
  • 429: the limit of free calls in OWM has been exceeded (obtain OWM private API key  and put it into app settings)
  • 4xx-5xx:
  • < 600:
  • 9xx: MFP errors (WARNING: when WF catches errors 999-980 it adds * to settings to force user to fix name - data is read in background so there is no other way to inform user about bad settings - you have to fix [MFP] property in settings):
    • 999-998: unauthorized access (rather impossible)
    • 997: user’s MFP diary is not public (read instruction above and fix problem)
    • 996: unknown user in MFP service
    • 989-987: wrong user name (enter correct user name in settings from diary URL – and remove first and last spaces)
    • 979-978: unknown error/exception (rather impossible)
    • 977: temporary service break (try again later)
    • 976-974: MFP returns bad respond (try again later)