Data Field: STEPS EMTB Data

This is the support thread for the "STEPS EMTB Data" data field, found here on the app store:

It's a simple data field that connects via Bluetooth LE to your Shimano STEPS e-bike and displays useful information like battery percentage and assist mode.

Any problems or feedback, let me know!

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  • Fenix 6 is affected too, data field is scanning and counts up.

    I deleted the sensor on my fenix, then turned on my ebike and started e-mtb activity on fenix: data field gets a new connection and shows battery in %. But only as long as the ebike is on. When i switch off my ebike, the counting on fenix starts again.

  • Hiya - this is expected behaviour. The data is read in real time, so if the bike is turned off then the connection is lost and so no values can be read from it, so the watch starts trying to reconnect again. It can’t tell the difference between the bike being turned off, or if you walk out of range of the bike etc.

    While the bike is turned off then the battery may slowly drain, or you may charge the battery, or you may even change the battery for a new one! When the bike is turned back on and the connection is re-established then it will display the current battery percentage again.

    If you add the bike as a sensor to your watch then unfortunately the data field will not work, since either the watch or bike only allow one connection at a time: so either the sensor connection, or the Bluetooth connection used by the data field.

  • Hi @all
    Just to verify, in the github repository:master it looks like that the code from NicolasRasi for the Data Recording is merged.
    Does the Version 1.3.2 which is currently in the Garmin IQ Store match with the lastest Master on Github ?

    Asking because i would like to have the displayed Data on the watch also stored as history in the graphs on garmin connect.
    Which somehow is not working with Version 1.3.2 installed on my watch.

    Any Instructions needed to use the data recording ?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback

  • Hi Slight smile

    Yep the "master" branch should contain the changes from NicolasRasi.

    But the version in the Garmin QI Store is actually built from the "master-release" branch which doesn't contain those changes.

    The reason that I didn't merge the data recording changes in yet, is because that "master" branch also contains other changes which may (or may not) affect the appearance on some watches - but I'm unsure since I haven't been able to try it, and I don't want to take a chance if it can affect existing users. I prefer to keep the display as simple as possible just in case.

    If you want to use the data recording changes and have a technical background, then I would recommend taking the code from the master branch and making your own build of it. You could then either just install it personally direct to your watch or upload it as a new version on the Garmin IQ Store (where it can either be private, or public and usable by anyone). Once you have the code you can do whatever you like with it Slight smile

  • Do you plan to add the data recording feature in the near future and if yes, which data will be recorded?
    E.g. the Orbea RS Toolbox records battery level, assist mode, assist level and cadence.

  • Thanks for this Data filed. I can confirm it works with vivoactive 4S.

  • Hi Mark,

    I have just got this data field for a Venu SQ and EP8 combination. It works great thanks, and shows the battery %age which is all I need, but the text on the venu SQ is very small so I can’t read it without glasses, and even with glasses I wouldn’t be able to read it when riding. Have I missed a setting somewhere to increase the text size?  Need it to be about it the same size as the time of day text on a 2 field screen. 

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I had a scan through and couldn’t see anything.



  • Hi Jon,

    Unfortunately it is implemented with automatic font selection - i.e. it is just up to the device to choose what it thinks is the best font size given the text to display and the screen area to display it in.

    This made it much easier for me to develop and maintain ...

    But the device may not always make the best (or even a good) selection! It's just up to whatever fonts Garmin added to the device and their selection algorithm.

    So unfortunately there isn't any way to improve it (apart from taking the app source code and adding in new fonts etc).

  • Ah ok, that’s a shame but thanks for the quick answer. Not sure why it would pick such a tiny font when it will only ever be max 4 characters, it’s no use to me with my eyes!