Data Field: STEPS EMTB Data

This is the support thread for the "STEPS EMTB Data" data field, found here on the app store:

It's a simple data field that connects via Bluetooth LE to your Shimano STEPS e-bike and displays useful information like battery percentage and assist mode.

Any problems or feedback, let me know!

  • Hi,

    The data field works fine with e7000 and Garmin 6x, but it does not record any data to the connect app for later review (or at least I cannot find the data).

    Any chance you could add it to the recorded data?

    Thanks and BR,


  • Hi Rudy - glad to hear it is working!

    That's a good suggestion to record the data Slight smile

    I'll add it to my "to do" list (but it may be a while before I get to try this - currently looking into some problems with Venu/Vivo4)

    And if anyone else fancies looking into adding features - the code is open source here:

  • Hi, I'm using the EC8000 display. I get the data field on the garmin fenix 5plus - but just the % sign, no number.

  • Hi!

    Is it possible to make it available for Edge 1030?

    I would love to test it on Edge via BLE.

  • Unfortunately it doesn't work with the E8000 display (only E7000 and EW-EN100) - the Bluetooth data from the E8000 is a different format from the others, and so far I can't see any battery data in the data it publishes. Whereas with E7000 it is easily visible.

    If I ever find out how to read it from the E8000, then I will add it ...

  • Hi Slight smile

    Sure - I've just uploaded a version which includes the Edge devices. (Those that it works for in the simulator anyway). Strangely it works on the Edge 1030 (in simulator) but not for the Edge 1030 Bontrager ...

    You'll have to let me know if it actually works for a real device with a real e-bike Slight smile

    The only reason I didn't include the Edge devices before was because they should already be able to access the same information through built in Garmin data fields using ANT+.

  • Thanks a lot!
    I already thought the Edge 1030 was not on the list because he can already read via ANT ebikefield.
    But I have a Specialized Levo that can also be read via Garmin ANT datafield and I'm interested to know if that also works via BLE.
    I will report!

  • Unfortunately it does not work for Specialized ebike.
    No crash but scanning for minutes to no avail.

    Many thanks anyway!

  • - ok, interesting to try Slight smile I think BLE formats are probably different for every company/device.

    You can use a mobile app like LightBlue to see what sort of data an e-bike is broadcasting. If you tried it on yours, it would probably show completely different service ids being used. Although maybe the battery one would be the same, as Shimano use a standard id for that one. But my code searches for some specific Shimano ones before deciding to connect, otherwise it would try connecting to all kinds of things Slight smile

  •   Just for your interest...