Datafield : SPHGraWH

German version of this description is available:


To bring SPHGraWH onto the screen please select “connected features and settings” (1).
Then choose your activity profile (2)(3).
Next select “Data Screens” to create a new data screen (4)(5).
The new data screen should have the type “Data Screen” (6) and contain a Connect IQ app (7).
Please select “SPHGraWH” (8) and confirm the following pages (9)(10)(11)(12).

=> For screenshots see picture below.


  • Speed-Graph with current speed, average speed and maximum speed
  • Compass/GPS Quality/Temperature/Time of day/Direction
  • Battery

Depending on your device there are up to nine customizable fields with the following defaults:

  • Elapsed Time
  • Distance
  • Cadence
  • Time of Day
  • Grade
  • Total Ascent/Elevation/Gear-Combo/Temperature
  • Time to Destination
  • Distance to Destination
  • ETA at Destination

Additional fields or graphs (not available on all Edge devices)

  • Power-Graph with power zones based on ftp value
  • Power (3s/10s average)
  • Calculated W' Balance
  • Pedal power balance if supported by your power meter otherwise average power (only visible if a power meter is paired)
  • Distance to Destination
  • Time to Destination calculated from the current average speed
  • Estimated Time of Arrival at Destination calculated from the current average speed
  • Gear information graph
  • Heart rate graph with heart rate zones 1-4
  • Heart Rate
  • HR Zone
  • %HR Max
  • Average Heart Rate
  • Training Effect
  • Average Cadence
  • Calories
  • %HR Reserve
  • Power Zone
  • 3 Hour Weather Forecast (only available if your Edge device supports weather data provided through Garmin Connect app)

Please note:
If no electronic shifting is paired gear information is calculated from speed and cadence (sensor needed). Sometimes gear information maybe incorrect due to similar gear ratios.


If a power meter is paired the heart rate graph automatically changes to power graph. Also the values beneath this graph change from heart rate to power.


  • color/font scheme
  • up to nine customizable fields
  • FTP (W)
  • W PRIME (kJ)
  • speed graph range
  • heart rate graph range
  • wheel size
  • sensor device ID for bike identification
  • gear size for calculation gear information
  • configuration of font sizes, colored bar graph and visibility of fields

You can configure 1-3 chain rings and up to 14 sprockets, i.e.

  • 32;50-42-36-32-28-24-21-18-16-14-12-10
  • 50-34;28-25-23-21-19-17-15-14-13-12-11
  • 44-33-22;30-26-23-20-18-16-14-12-11

Wheel size, gear sizes and ANT+ ID can be set for two bikes.


If you have two bikes with non electronic shifting the configuration of gear sizes for each bike might be identified by the ANT+ ID of a cadence, speed, speed cadence or power sensor (not supported by all devices, i.e. Edge 1000). So you don't have to toogle between these bikes by a touch on the screen.
When automatic bike selection is not configured by setting the ANT+ IDs you can select manually (see picture with touch screen areas)


Rohloff speed hub and Shimano internal geared 8-speed and 11-speed hubs can be configured without knowing the internal gear combos. Chain ring and sprocket have to be configured using the following format "<teeth of chain ring><Identifier for hub>-<teeth of sprocket>;".

Valid identifiers and examples for a chain ring with 42 teeth and sprockets with 14 to 16 teeth:

Identifier Description Example
R14 Rohloff Speed Hub 42R14-16;
S08 Shimano Internal Geared Hub 8-speed 42S08-15;
S11 Shimano Internal Geared Hub 11-speed 42S11-14;

Chainring and sprocket size always have to be two digit values.


If electronic shifting is paired to your Edge device the SPHGraWH settings for Device ID, wheel size and gear sizes are ignored.
Instead you have to configure your chain rings and cogs on your Edge device. SPHGraWH will take these values to display your actual gear combo.

You can enter decimals for gear sizes. For example you can enter 50-34;28-25-23-21-19-17-15-13813212-11 instead of 50-34;28-25-23-21-19-17-15-14-13-12-11.
In this case 138 (-> 13.8) and 132 (-> 13.2) is used for gear calculation while round(13.8)=14 and round(13.2)=13 are displayed.
This can be used to optimize identification of gear sizes.


When you changed settings and pushed the save button please keep an eye on your Edge. If there was any invalid input a message is displayed at your Edge for 15 seconds if you are using Garmin Connect or Connect IQ. If you use Garmin Express and your device is in mass storage mode no message could be displayed.
In every case of invalid input the default value is used instead of the invalid input parameter.
If you can't get back to valid values please consider to delete the settings file in the folder Garmin/setting on your Edge device.

FTP ZONES (SPHGraWH can not get ftp zones from user settings):

FTP zones are calculated according to the following list:

  • Zone1 from   0% to  55% FTP
  • Zone2 from  55% to  75% FTP
  • Zone3 from  75% to  90% FTP
  • Zone4 from  90% to 105% FTP
  • Zone5 from 105% to 120% FTP
  • Zone6 from 120% to 150% FTP
  • Zone7 from 150% to .... FTP


When your Edge is put to standby while activity recording is active W’ bal (diff) calculation goes on. When you turn your device on and you continue activity recording standby time is considered for W’ bal (diff) calculation.


With version 2.70 the hidden features were transferred to the app settings. Now you will find a configuration string in the settings of SPHGraWH. With this configuration string you can set dynamic colors for the bar graphs or change the font size for certain parts of the display. Configuration of these features via W’ is no longer available. If you would like to activate a feature then set the according cipher to “1“. In some cases other values then “0“ or “1“ are allowed. In a "large font" scheme the larger font size is used wherever possible. So individual font size changes via the configuration string only take effect if a non "large font" scheme is selected. For the entire configuration string please have a look at the following explanation:

|||| |||| |||| |||| ||||
|||| |||| |||| |||| |||Initial content of upper left field (*****)
|||| |||| |||| |||| ||Right power field (****)
|||| |||| |||| |||| |Mid power field (****)
|||| |||| |||| |||| Left power field (****)
|||| |||| |||| |||Right HR field (***)
|||| |||| |||| ||Mid HR field (***)
|||| |||| |||| |Left HR field (***)
|||| |||| |||| Power 10 sec
|||| |||| |||Differential W’ bal calculation
|||| |||| ||Larger font for upper left and right values
|||| |||| |Larger font for values beneath bottom HR gauge
|||| |||| Shrink view while radar bar is shown (**)
|||| |||Larger font for gear combo in gear info
|||| ||Larger font for values beneath middle HR/Power gauge
|||| |Larger font for average speed
|||| Larger font for elapsed time
|||1=Hide extra values of middle bar graph, 2=Needle in upper gauge
||Content of middle bar graph (*)
|Set dynamic color for HR/Power bar graph
Display rear gear instead of gear combo

For example if you want to have colored bar graphs and a larger font for elapsed time you have to set the values second and fifth position to “1“ -> “0100-1000-0000-0000-0000“

(*) Possible values for content of bar graphs.

  • Weather is not available on all devices. If weather is not available:
    • heart rate is displayed instead in the middle graph
    • weather is omitted in the lower graph
  • If no power meter is paired or power meter is in sleep mode:
    • speed is displayed instead of power in the upper graph
    • heart rate is displayed instead of power in the middle graph
    • power and heart rate are omitted in the lower graph
Value    Upper graph Middle graph    Lower graph
Devices with upper, middle and lower graph
0 Speed Power/(HR) Gears/HR/Weather/Datafields
1 Speed Gears Gears/HR/Weather/Datafields
2 Speed HR Gears/Power/Weather/Datafields
3 Speed Power 600W/(HR) Gears/HR/Weather/Datafields
4 Power 600W/(Speed)   Speed/(HR) Gears/HR/Weather/Datafields
5 Power 600W/(Speed)   HR Gears/Speed/Weather/Datafields
6 Speed Weather/(HR) Gears/HR/Weather/Datafields
Edge 530/830
0 Speed Power/(HR)
1 Speed Gears
2 Speed HR
3 Speed Power 600W/(HR)
4 Power 600W/(Speed) Speed/(HR)
5 Speed Weather/(HR)
Edge 520plus/820
0 Speed Datafields
1 Speed Gears
2 Speed Power/(HR)
3 Speed HR
4 Power 600W/(Speed) HR
5 Power 600W/(Speed) Speed/(HR)

(**) Shrink view while radar bar is shown (not available on Edge 1000)

  • 0 = Feature is deactivated
  • 1 = Shrink view when radar detects a threat
  • 2 = Additionally show relative speed of first target in right field beneath upper gauge
  • 3 = Additionally show absolute speed of first target in right field beneath upper gauge

(***) Possible values for fields beneath heart rate gauge

  • 0 = Default value
  • 1 = %Max Heart Rate
  • 2 = Heart Rate
  • 3 = Avg. Heart Rate
  • 4 = Trainingeffect
  • 5 = Heart Rate Zone
  • 6 = % Heart Rate Reserve

(****) Possible values for fields beneath power gauge

  • 0 = Default value
  • 1 = W' Balance
  • 2 = 10s Power
  • 3 = LR-balance
  • 4 = Avg. Power
  • 5 = Watts/kg
  • 6 = NP Approximation
  • 7 = IF Approximation
  • 8 = TSS Approximation
  • 9 = Power Zone
  • s = Speed

(*****) Possible values for upper left field (introduced for non-touch devices)

  • 0 = Default value
  • 1 = Compass
  • 2 = Compass
  • 3 = GPS Quality
  • 4 = Temperature
  • 5 = Time of day
  • 6 = Direction
  • 7 = Compass


Background color is set according to the day/night color of your device.


When there is no TrainingEffect available on your device burned calories are displayed instead. Display switches to calories when trainingeffect is 0 for more than 30 seconds.


If you tap onto the upper right corner of the screen you will get a list of active sensors if battery information is available for the sensor. This information is shown for 20 seconds and then disappears automatically. There is no language support. Information is actually only available in English. Looking at a line there is at first the type of sensor (power meter, speed, cad, speed cad). Then there is a marker to indicate the battery status: light green=new, green=good, yellow=ok, red=low, magenta=critical. Next you will find the battery voltage and at the end of the line the operation time in hours. Please note that not all sensors provide all information or battery status at all. So don't be disappointed if the list is very short or empty. Please don't expect a battery status for DI2 or any heart rate sensor.

To my experience only newer speed or cadence sensors and most power meters provide a battery status.


On Edge 1030 you can display weather data in the bottom line of SPHGraWH. You get this information by toggling through the information in the bottom line. Please note that weather data is only displayed if it is provided by Garmin Connect App running on your smartphone. SPHGraWH does not establish its own connection to a provider of weather data but uses weather data provided by Garmin. Therefore it is important that Garmin Connect App is running and weather is correctly configured and enabled in Garmin Connect App and your Edge device.

If no weather data is displayed there might be several reasons.

  • The installed firmware does not support weather data for custom apps
  • Your Edge 1030 is not connected to a smartphone with Garmin Connect App running
  • Weather is not enabled in the settings of your Edge device (Widgetmanagement)


SPHGraWH adapts to the available height of a field if you choose to have more than one field on your data screen.
The displayed part of SPHGraWH depends on the available height of the field. To get a reasonable result the field as to be at least 78 pixel high.

Here is an overview of available constellations:

part of full screen 1/2 2/5 1/3 1/4 1/5
1030 Speed+ Speed HR/Power+ HR/Power Gears
1000 / Explore Speed --- HR/Power+ Gears Gears
830 / 530 Speed HR/Power+ HR/Power Gears ---
820 / 520plus HR/Power+ --- Gears --- ---

Speed:  Speed gauge only
Speed+: speed gauge plus one row of data
HR/Power:  heart rate or power graph (depending on paired sensors)
HR/Power+: heart rate or power graph plus one row of data
Gears:  gear information

On touch devices you can change some settings by tapping onto the screen just like in full screen mode.
Please note: If you have SPHGraWH displayed in two or more fields on the same datascreen tapping might be available only in one field.


ETA at destination as well as distance to destination and time to destination are only available if you loaded a course. Otherwise these values are 0 or the actual time. When a course is loaded distance to destination is the remaining distance to the destination of the loaded course. ETA is calculated from distance to destination and actual average speed. If actual average speed is 0 for example before your start your ride then ETA is calculated with fixed average speed of 26 km/h.