Sending sensors data to PC

I have a few questions about your product. Does Garmin (any product from their line) allows me connect to the device via ANT+ or bluetooth and send the data from sensors to PC. I want to create desktop application (for hall sports) where for example 5 people connect to the computer via bluetooth or ANT and the data from the sensors will be send to the computer.

So main questions are:
1. Am I able to get the sensors data from watches (or whatever product) to PC via bluetooth or ANT+.

2. Can I for example program some application which will run on the watches and it will be just for communication with the pc. What I mean is to create a custom application just for communication.

Thank you for any answer!
  • I think it would be doable, but I am not an ANT+ guru ;-) what I think would be complicated is to have the 5 people sensors distinct, as i don't think ANT+ have this notion, only IMHO some sort of "serial"
  • Without know what data and the time requirements for the data getting to the PC, I'd look at using makeWebRequest with the data, and probably the uniqueIdentifier from the watch to send the data to a webserver and then using a browser to see it on a PC.
    Using ANT would likely mean developing an app on the PC that uses an Ant stick, and then doing the ant code on the watch. Depending on the room, you may also have to be a bit more concerned with range. With makeWebRequest, the phone needs to be in range, but not the PC. And not even the phone with a va3 LTE as I think it can talk cell data directly.
  • jim_m_58 how do you access the uniqueIdentifier from the watch ?
  • Are you talking with or without watch? You can easily (relatively) get Ant data (and I suspect BT data) on the computer without a watch. You just need to have an Ant dongle in your computer. Then you can go out to the This Is Ant web page and download their SDK. I haven't done it for a couple years, but I had created windows apps at one point that read the Ant+ data straight from the sensors. The original dongles only allowed for 4 Ant streams at one time. The new ones allow for 8 I believe.

    Going from a watch, you'd have to do it over web requests and have a server set up to get the data.

    Vald70: Sys.getDeviceSettings().uniqueIdentifier
  • I am talking with the watch and computer near. I think you didnt get my question. I am talking real-time sending the data from the watch to PC via bluetooth or ANT+.I DONT want to use internet or any clouds. So what I want is that I have the watch on in my room and start doing eg. push-ups and I want all the sensor data to be send every 10 seconds (for example - doesnt have to be that often) to my computer. On my computer I want to create an app, which will visualize these data.

    So again my main question is: Am I able to get the data from watch to PC via ANT+ or BLUETOOTH? I am able to program some simple app just for communication between the PC and Watch so I can get the data whenever I want (when they are in range of course)
  • It would be great to have such an application, WoWce 8. I m also interested in such a project. We need to swich on Ant+ broadcasting on the Garmin watch and and need an Ant+ dongle.

    I ended up being happy with the project of the ANT+ Virtual Power Meter as an example:

    The project is designed to run on Linux. But I think it should be possible to modify the example to create a windows application out of it.

  • Not sure why you'd exclude cloud in 2019 as that's the normal way to build such a solution. My Event Hub App in the store allows all sensor data to be uploaded in real time from as many watches/devices as you want and can then visualise live in Power BI (or some other system). I've also created a demo to mix this with machine learning to analyse data in real time.

  • No, I don t want to exclude a cloud solution, great that you have a cloud solution.

    had a solution with a server. Unfortunately, it is not free and open source anymore. I was not able to convince Nils Knieling to bring it back:

    This is a pity. I think his solution would have worked for Matlab and I loved it.

  • your EventHubApp

    is interesting, , thank you for sharing it. I will have a closer look at it.