Rowing compatibile with SmartRow from WaterRower

I have fenix 5 and I run (outdoors + on the treadmill) and row on the WaterRower. The built-in rowing application is too simple. It only measures time and tempo of movements (not distance and not strength).
I have noticed that there is a new equipment available for the waterrower as upgrade, which transmits additional data via Bluetooth. Maybe you can connect to it and enter additional data on your Garmin device?
It's called SmartRow
  • I have the SmartRow and does not connect to the Fenix, in fact does not connect with nothing but their own app. And the app do not share the info (no upload to Training Peaks or Garmin sites for example). The iOS app is very basic but the power measure is helpful. Do not know how it compares to other ERG power meters but I believe is OK.

  • You can now export a tcx file from the app. But the whole process remains cumbersome. Honestly - embarrassing in 2021. Apparently #garmin also has no interest in it

  • having my garmin watch connected to smartrow (simultaneously with smartrow being connected to the smartrow app) would be great. does its bluetooth profile support multiple connections? and if, who is to blame (garmin or smartrow) that this is not possible yet? 

  • having just got a smartrow i have synced the SR account to Strava and tonight if i get the kids into bed on time i plan to create a Indoor Row activity on my fenix with Broadcast HR turned on within the activity settings.

    I assume that it will create 2 strava activities (1 with power/stroke details etc, 1 without) not elegant but at least it should keep my Garmin health/training records in balance.

    If anyone has any better ideas i am all ears!

  • Check out  It's a Raspberry Pi project that will forward the SmartRow data to the Fenix. 

    The SmartRow app has also recently started re-broadcasting the data for Zwift, etc.  You may be able to get that to work with the ArduRower-IQ ConnectIQ data field.  I have not been able to get the data field working on my FR945, but I use the Raspberry Pi solution when I row.  Worth a try, I think.

  • I recently wrote about my experience with Smartrow and the Garmin Forerunner 955 here: - This might be of interest for you