Training Status separated when using two devices

I have a FR645 and an EDGE530, one for running (with chest strap) and one for cycling (chest strap and power meter).

Physio TrueUp is enabled on both devices, so I was expecting to see my cumulative training status, taking into consideration both runing and cycling.

But no, I have two different training status, one for each device:



My FR645 is telling me that I'm in a recovery period, but of corse it's not and I'm digging hard into cycling.

The only updated data is the recovery advisor, which on my everyday FR645 shows me correctly 42 hours, which is the recovery advice calculated by my EDGE 530, even if FR645 is still saying that I'm basically doing nothing (recovery...).

This is bad, because the whole point of choosing two devices of the same brand is to share information between the two, to be able to plan my next training session.

In my opinion Training Status must be a cumulative data, not divided by device but by sport: for example if I'm able to see only my running training status on Garmin Connect, I can adjust my schedule to compesate for imbalance between two my sports, but my overall training status is always the same, I'm not "recovery" if I'm overtraining with cycling!