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Garmin Connect app broken for Android tablets. Watch won't pair with the 4.75 release

Is the app broken for Android tablets? My watch won't pair with the 4.75 release of the app. Last successful sync was with 4.74.1

I do see the other posts in a related thread and can also see the complaints on the play store that indicate others are having the exact same problem. So I know I am not raising something new here.

But I was just on a chat with support and they said there is no known issue related to tablets. I would liked to know if Garmin is saying that the current version of the app does work with Android tablets (suggesting that I have some hardware problem) or if there is a fix coming. Does anyone have any info here?


    • Thank you for the acknowledgement ... I actually bought another watch because I thought my old forerunner 35 died ....I was dismayed that the 35 was I said I'm older and not techy Heart eyes.I've always referred  to my 35 as a Russian utility type watch ... guess thats not politically correct now ....ive never been able tontouch the new watch is beautiful  looking but does nothing but tell time and is used as an alarm
  • I will ride more then a few miles for you are an absolute inspiration...but kilometers sound better ...

  • I like "Russian utility watch." Funny! Reminds me of an old hamburger commercial featuring a Russian fashion show. It's ok now I guess with everybody mad at everybody else. And now we're all mad at Garmin unfortunately.

  • Garmin, if you care (which you are showing you dont), I had planned to replace mine and my daughters garmin watches this year for upgrades.  Before this, I was 100% decided to purchase garmin products.  Thats now down to 1-2% likely.  Get this fixed or it will be 0%.

  • I went to Garmin after it became clear that the other big tracker company is winding down after a buyout. I will probably get a Polar. I've used their wrist and chest band HR monitors years ago and they worked well for me.

  • My guess is they are concentrating on development of the current beta app and will expect that to fix the problem. 

  • All, 

    I am very sorry for this disruption and for the frustration that it has caused. I can confirm that this only affects Android tablets.

    We have an upcoming fix, but I am not sure when it will be released at the moment. I will update this thread when it is available. 

    Thank you for your understanding. 

  • I have a Vivomove 3s which was connected to my Android phone with no problem.  Following the update, watch disconnected from Andrpid phone and have been unable to reconnect.  After having 3 exchange watches for different faults under warranty, with no connection I'm now thinking maybe it was a very bad disicion buying Garmain Watch. 

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    I'm sorry to hear that you're having connection issues. This thread, however, is regarding a bug with Android Tablets (not phones). Please reach out to Garmin Product Support to troubleshoot with a live agent.

  • Thank you for the reply ...will try to be patient and wait for the fix