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Garmin Connect app broken for Android tablets. Watch won't pair with the 4.75 release

Is the app broken for Android tablets? My watch won't pair with the 4.75 release of the app. Last successful sync was with 4.74.1

I do see the other posts in a related thread and can also see the complaints on the play store that indicate others are having the exact same problem. So I know I am not raising something new here.

But I was just on a chat with support and they said there is no known issue related to tablets. I would liked to know if Garmin is saying that the current version of the app does work with Android tablets (suggesting that I have some hardware problem) or if there is a fix coming. Does anyone have any info here?


  • Thanks on behalf of thousands of app users. Kindly give some time frame. Since February 2 every day they are hearing soon. With sunrise in their locations they try again and again in a hope this will be the lucky day. 

  • Hello Sierra, I have done what you propose with the disconnections of the watch and Connect app several times, I have deleted the Bluetooth watch from the mobile phone, from Garmin Express, from my profile, I have added the watch again, I have performed a COMPLETE RESET, I have contacted PERSONAL TECHNICAL SUPPORT but being with Software 18.21 (beta) they can only wait for a software update for the WATCH or CONNECT APP (4.75) to be released to solve the FAILURE that has been caused with the Synchronization between mobile and FR 965. What else do you suggest as a mediator authorized by Garmin for this forum???? ask for a refund for a product that does not offer what it is sold for? but we can't CLEAR!!! We adhere to the BETA program upon acceptance of consent. THANK YOU GARMIN FOR SPOILING WHAT WAS HALF WORKING ClapClapClapClap

  • Miguel,

    The only solution is to side load 4.74.1 back on your device.  A few pages back I wrote down directions to do this.

  • Same issue here: S24 Ultra

  • Hello, I will try it later, tested with previous versions but being with version SF 18.21 (beta on the watch) I think it harms me in the same way the synchronization and continuous disconnection of the watch and mobile, thanks for the contribution I will try it again once again with app Connect version 4.74.1

  • All, 

    Thank you for your patience as we investigated and tested this fix. Garmin Connect (Android) Mobile version 4.76 has begun rolling out and will be available to everyone soon.

    If you have any disruptions or concerns after 4.76, please reach out to Product Support for the most efficient assistance, or start a new thread. 

  • Does this also resolve the problem for the Samsung S24 series? 

  • To my knowledge it did not address that specific phone, as the main disruption was with Android Tablets. If your issue is not resolved after the update, please respond to the Product Support agents' email that you were in contact with so they can create a report. 

  • Is Garmin aware of such an issue? There are countless posts on these forums/reddit/X that I found that specifically reference the latest Samsung phones. 

    Will contact product support again, thanks for getting back to me so soon.

  • Garmin will not be aware of a problem without a formal customer complaint.