More FW rev 13.22 Battery Weirdness

So I started seeing excessive battery drain when I upgraded from 13.15 to 13.21 (see this post) and thought that 13.22 fixed it as I saw the battery drain return to 4-5%/day in smartwatch mode. That was Thursday 12/1. Last night  I noticed the battery had drained more than I thought it should have (3% vs 1-2% for the same time) but thought nothing of it. However this afternoon I checked the battery and am now seeing about a 1% drop every 1.5-2 hours. 

I don't expect the battery's discharge rate to be linear (currently at 55%). But that kind of jump is crazy!

So I have hard reset the 955 in hopes that whatever was running in the background has stopped. Will update this thread in a few hours.

  • That is still too high IMO. When my 955 is performing well, I see 4-5 %/day (closer to 4%) in smartwatch mode. and when it's high, I see around 12%, with no activity. So once Garmin figures out what is going on, this thing could potentially outperform their specs... Could... I get that this ALL depends on how each watch is configured...

  • UPDATE 2: Without changing any settings, I left my watch on a desk and didn't touch it for 24 hours (bluetooth enabled). During the day, it lost 1%, and overnight 0%!!! So now I'm wondering if the "smartwatch" drain is being caused by:
    a) HR sensor being enabled, since it seems to turn off automatically when you take the watch off
    b) step counter, or some other passive activity detection (Move IQ)
    c) touch screen being accidentally "touched"

  • Point a is interesting. Wish we could disable HR during the day and activate only when in activities or sleeping Disappointed

  • Very interesting!

    What is your normal %/hr drain in smartwatch mode?

    My normal performance is 0.15 to 0.20%/hour. That is until something goes south. Then I see upwards of 0.50%/hr until I hard/soft reset the watch. Then all is good... for a couple of days... Disappointed

  • My crappy watch drains like crazy on 14.13. I had enough. Went to bed at midnight with 30%, just from exactly 18 hours later I have 21% This is ***. It looses more than twice as much than earlier. I will wait for another update and probably try to sell this "half (baked) product" and say goodbye to Garmin. Everything off, no activity, locked screen so it is not a touch screen. Turned it off and on again this morning, no phone connection so it can't be any (ghost) activity since I haven't touched a watch.

  • Please try my suggested 3 steps that I describe here in my reply to user matthewschultz92.

    Did it helped?

  • Hi ethcz, I already tried 1 and 2. 4-5 times during last couple of days and this morning again. Number 3 cannot be related since I haven't synced...especially after the restart. My watch is always with phone sync off and in airplane mode. I synced it just 5 minutes ago, now before the next charging (cycle).

  • OK, sorry to hear, that you still have such a terrible experience.

  • Same feeling here! I bought the 955 solar because Garmin promised 15 days and even up to 20 days when in the sun (i go hiking/trekking/ cycling a lot in summer). For me, battery runtime was the unique selling point.

    What I now get is 11-12 days max in pure watch mode. and solar is a gimmick, adding a maximum of 0.5%/h when turned on and directly in the sun. 5 extra days is never going to happen. And you really cannot analyse anything with respect to solar charging, because we only get this childlike  4-hour-graph without any real physics/charge units on the vertical axis.

    This is all so far below the promised specs… and the hilariously broken skiing app does not help me to have trust in Garmin that they will get their quality issues under control. 

    … and yet, Garmin has never reacted to this very long thread. 

  • count yourself as lucky - i typically get about 5 days battery life even with limited activities. would love to get 11-12 days! 1% drain per hour while sleeping with all default settings.

    but yeah, garmin have screwed this one up so badly and it just seems to keep gaining new bugs rather than resolving them. meanwhile strong rumours are that a 965 will be released any day now and our still bug ridden 955 will be superseded