More FW rev 13.22 Battery Weirdness

So I started seeing excessive battery drain when I upgraded from 13.15 to 13.21 (see this post) and thought that 13.22 fixed it as I saw the battery drain return to 4-5%/day in smartwatch mode. That was Thursday 12/1. Last night  I noticed the battery had drained more than I thought it should have (3% vs 1-2% for the same time) but thought nothing of it. However this afternoon I checked the battery and am now seeing about a 1% drop every 1.5-2 hours. 

I don't expect the battery's discharge rate to be linear (currently at 55%). But that kind of jump is crazy!

So I have hard reset the 955 in hopes that whatever was running in the background has stopped. Will update this thread in a few hours.

  • Mine seems fine since the update . Haven’t noticed any additional deterioration. Hard reset seems drastic keep loosing HRV etc general usage is about .4% per hour and 6% during activities 

  • yeah. I usualy doesent have problems with battery drain on garmins. But as in that moment i saw that i loose 2% over an hour. 

    I have done soft reset, we will see. 

  • So, I am still seeing some issues where I am dropping 1% every 2 hours compared to the 1% every 4 to 4.5 hours I was seeing in rev 3.15. So far, resetting the 955 when I see this high battery consumption is temporarily lowering the consumption to 1% every 3.5 to 4 hours.

    It has been about a week+ since the last reset and I am again seeing approximately a 1% drop every 2.5 to 3 hours.

    Another thing I have noticed, during GPS activities and Non GPS activities(Weight lifting) battery usage is approximately 4% and 2-3% (respectively) per hour consistently (i.e. not seeing the battery drain increase over time). So I suspect this issue is happening in the background only impacting smartwatch mode (or masked during activities).

    My 955 is stock (no additional IQ downloads, watch faces etc) with the following system setting changes

    Using external HRM, Polar H10 during activities only

    Data tracking: Every second

    Sleep Mode/DND: between 10:00 pm to 5:00 am

    Connected to wifi (when at home, not at work etc.)


    Backlight & Gesture off from sunrise to sunset and during sleep

    Backlight off during activities

    Brightness is set to 5%, all of the time

  • Glad I'm not the only one. 

    Before the update I'm loading the battery to 100% full once a week on Friday, could do 3 runs per week about 30km (18.64miles). Enabled all GPS and SPO2 during night. 

    Now my battery is almost empty after a couple of days and just one long run. 

    Never had such a problems with battery drain as with the latest software update.

    @Garmin, please fix as soon as possible. 

  • The same if not even worse on my 955 Solar...battery drain per day is around 10-12%. Almost everything is turned off / no backlight during the day, no connectivity with my phone, no wifi, only heart rate and spo tracking during sleep  - just a simple watch...8 days was my battery record. Im at this time ill so without activities...15 days as described ? no way

  • I would think having the SPO2 on overnight would result in a significant drain on the battery??? How much drain do you see with the SPO2 off?

  • I haven't tested it yet with Spo2 off. But, if you turn everything off, you can buy a classic watch :-))

  • @matthewschultz92 , SPO2 will certaily drain the battery more as not using SPO2, but I like all features including both GPS sattelites on. 
    Normally I have to charge the battery once a week with 3 runs which is pretty fine to me, acceptable. My old forerunner 255 needed to charge twice per week.

  • Same Problem here: long term average before 13.22 was 0.4%/hour including average of 5 hours running/week. 

    Since 13.22 the drain is 0.5%/hour just in watch mode even with bluetooth turned off. 

    This is at least an increase of 25% in power usage during watch mode. Whoever is responsible for quality control at Garmin needs to look into this. 

  • I also notice some of what seems to be higher drainage. It was turned off and restarted after the update, every sensor off, used only as a watch - lost 2 % in first 10-12 hours during the night and I thought everything's OK. After that in 3-4 days lost almost 30% with no interaction with the watch or any activity.