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Battery consumption: initial observations?

i know it's probably way to early to start this discussion, but i figure crowd sourcing may yield some insights. in short, after very disappointing battery use, in particular smart watch mode endurance on my 945LTE, i have been hyperaware of how much battery use my 955 Solar is using. just overnight (8-9 hours), i was surprised to see it dropped 3-4%. it may be that the battery gauge is poorly calibrated, but so far, even though one would guess it has a larger battery than the 945LTE, i'm finding consumption not very different.

on the positive side, for my one activity so far, a 70 minute run with Multiband+All satellites, i used up 6% which right on target with spec. (basically zero sun since i ran before and just as the sun was coming up).

i'd love to hear other people's impressions and experiences as some of you have had the watch (just a bit ;) ) longer.

  • Would be expecting 95-96% for that

  • Ok, here's the end of my current charge cycle before i plug it in to charge.

    charged to 100%, Jun 10 20:00

    end at 26%, June 20 10:00

    that's a little over 9.5 days. in this time, i ran 6:05 with All Satellites, and hiked 1:57 with GPS only.

    i would estimate that the battery use for running was roughly 18%, and hiking 4%, so that means 52% for 9.58 days of smart watch use yielding an average of 5.4%/day. not bad at all. i used Glance Pro (several fields but only 1hz on gesture) and Minimal Vertical (no seconds, 1hz HR on gesture) during that time. i had significant solar for about 3-4 days which probably added (just guessing by anecdotal observation) about 8%

    i had one weird overnight big drop using one of my historically most efficient watch faces, Coros Apex Like where it drew down 4-5% in a pretty short time span (9 hours) even though that face has a very efficient night mode. i have no clue what happened there.

    beyond that weird occurrence, the drop in battery % was pretty linear. a little fast at first but the rest of the way (that weird drop excluded) seemingly very linear.

    it seems i've won the lottery here with battery performance because i daresay my watch, at least for this charge cycle performed very close to "spec." we'll see what the next charge cycle brings. i may go back a couple tried and true ones to measure smartwatch consumption a few days now that i'm back in the office with very little expected solar help.

    [i should note GPS activities had a mixture of OHR and Garmin HRM strap HR measurements... not other accessories. also, pulse ox is manual (i check usually once a day), wifi off, BT on with only phone call notifications going to my screen although i read texts often on my watch. i just have "quiet notifications" where i see the counter or symbol on the watch face.

  • i would have expected it to be 94-93% based on spec an my own experience (although i use a standard HRM). i saw a 6% drop for a similar run, but i didn't start at 100%

    the only thing i would note is that in my experience with garmin watches, they always seem to fall off 100% quickly (735XT, 935, 945LTE) and then stabilize later. also when charging they seem to go from 97/98 to 100% suddenly. yet ,the quick fall off of 100% still seems to occur even if i leave the watch on the charger an extra 15 minutes after seeing 100%.

  • Update its now at 70% down from 89% this time yesterday. Did a run with a hrm synced yesterday evening, woke up in 76% and did a 20 min walk with minimum GPS. Not done much today, mainly driving but did notice my phone battery drop a fair bit too so wondering if it's because they are connected/communicating constantly.

  • it's my suspicion based on much speculation and anecdotal evidence on the 945LTE forum the past year that this is a connection issue with both external devices and bluetooth with phones. it's surprising they haven't figured this out yet. 

    my fingers are crossed that my current setup will continue working as it has been (2 different Garmin HRM straps, and a BT connection to my iPhone)

  • I've had the same problem with HRM-Dual + RD Pod, and HRM-Pro.

  • I have exactly the same issue .... thanks for posting, as I was just about to send the watch back as faulty. But it's clearly a software fault that will - I hope - be quickly solved in an update..... (famous last words?!)

  • have you and the others reported this to Garmin? best way to get their attention is to make sure there are tons of tickets in their for engineering to fix this problem.

  • Battery update

    Since last post I did an hour walk, 30 mins treadmill, used WiFi to upload 100 tracks and it then dropped down to 50% so charged it back up as I'm away for a few days.

  • Gonna report it tomorrow... Tried this afternoon through US chat support, but because I'm from the Netherlands they transferred me to that department, which was closed.

    Already contacted dutch support for the bug making it impossible to select a location using the map for navigation, but that was by mail and was very slow. (Ended with me sending them the info they needed so they could pass it on... no clue if anything happened to it).

    Will try dutch chat tomorrow.

    Did kinda confirm it's really because of sensors, in order to test I tried the following:

    GPS only no sensors activity -> No problem

    GPS+Multiband, no sensors -> No problem

    GPS+ sensors -> Problem

    GPS+Sensors, disabling the sensors afterwads -> Problem

    GPS+Sensors, restart afterwards -> No problem