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Hrm Pro and Run are unusable after first change of factory battery cause the sudden discharging of all new batteries

After that to ALL of mine straps owned, two Hrm Run and now a Hrm Pro, has happened the same thing, I'm sure of that: after changing factory battery the strap drains all brand new battery that you put in in a few hours or days or little more but there's nothing to do, it's like they were short circuited on the strap, when you wear the first time all seems working then the battery get discharged. I tried everything, even put the battery on reverse side for a while but there's nothing to do. I'm sure that Garmin is aware of this problem cause on the web there are many cases like mine, I also suppose it's done on purpose otherwise it's unesplicable how this happens and how they didn't fix it. You can change under warrenty the first time but at the end of two years you are forced to buy a new one since the factory battery lasts 1 year. For me this situation it's a shame since that this are very expensive devices, next time I think I'll buy a normal strap from another brand giving up to running dynamics and other features.

  • Hi, unfortunately, support asked me to reset he hrm pro,, proc is to invert battery polarity, but didn't change the game, so gone for a replacement..


  • "I'm sure that Garmin is aware of this problem"

    No. Don't think so.

    Your post is a year old and here I am with similar issues. I am also having problems with my cadence sensor after replacing the battery.

    Here is the jist: 

    How is it possible that a global company like Garmin has not been able to resolve a simple issue like replacing a battery? We've been doing this since we were kids. Bad battery? No problem. Replace. Have a nice day.

    Now I have to chop down more cash to buy another replacement? For just replacing a battery???

    Or dig really deep into a forum finally found with folks with no engineering degree (unlike Garmin)to resolve the issue??

    I cant figure this one out. Yes I have left an email w G and have yet to hear from them.


  • Look very carefully near the top right screw (the one which has a small boss sticking up, with a brass insert) before and after you remove it to change the battery. You may see a small crack appear after undoing the screw. It seems to be overtorqued at manufacture, or they use too strong a threadlock compound (there seems to be some on this screw). It destroys the waterproofing, failure following soon thereafter. I've had two like this before figuring it out. Dodgy O-rings won't help either of course!

  • I'm sure it's not an issue for the sealing of cover lid (of course couple % could be). The problem is in body material, or technology for its building.

    My first HRM-run1 (with detachable strap) was bought in 2015, an works perfectly till 2020, when it died completely - no results with new battery, absolutely dead.

    Then I got new HRM-run4 (red one with integrated strap). Which works well up to last autumn. I'm training a lot, so the battery withstand 5-6 months. After the last changing it works just two days, and then dies again. I've checked the battery - 1 volt! With annoying l've change the battery with new Duracell, 3.2v

    Alas, next day it was dead again.

    To this point my story is absolutely the same as for many unlucky Garmin's HRM users.

    But I'm engineer. And I've open my HRM-run1, rinse it inside with the distilled water (very intensive, with immersion), after that with isopropyl alcohol 100% as the best de-moisturing remedy.

    And finally, after long drying in thermostat at 45C, it was cured!

    Now it continue working well, l just avoid immerse it in water.

    I've checked the current which drains from the battery in HRM-run4. The result was frustrating - 10 milliamps! With CR2032 it means 18 hours before full exhausting. And yes, it still works!

    Btw, normally working HRM-run1 drains 1000 times less - 10 microamps or less.

    On now I've just finished the first attempt to rinse and dry the HRM-run4. The result - 300 microamps. And, alas - no sleep at all. So new battery will work 100 hrs after installation, despite activity. It's better than 18, but unacceptable anyway.

    The plastic housing of both my devices has a lot of crackes. Especially  around the electric contacts ("buttons") in old HRM, and around screw holes.

    HRM-run4 has crackes around screw nutshells and in bottom layer, touching the belt.

    Those crackes causes moisture build up in housing, slow, but steady. 

    The conclusion is simple and evident. Garmin sells defective (and very expensive!) accessories. Defects, which dramatically shortens lifetime, are preprogrammed. And definitely well-known to Garmin.

    Maybe (very highly possibly) it caused by the recycled plastic used. It's great to conserve the Nature, but not by such manner.

    If we get disposable sensors in result, maybe it could be much honestly to produce them from the paper with permanent battery, and to sell as cheap disposable devices?

  • I have a HRM-Pro with the same problem. I don't believe it is caused by a poor seal. I was very careful with the o ring and in any case I only used the strap for one short (not very sweaty) activity after replacing the battery and a couple of days later when I went to use it it was flat. Brand new batteries continue to work but obviously this is not a solution. Garmin's silence is such poor form. The features of some devices (e.g. FTP test) only work with a chest strap, this problem makes the strap worthless and head unit/watch worth... less. If I change brand for straps I will change brand for head unit + watch next time too.

  • My 4th strap died after battery replaced. Same thing with the previous ones.It starts with high reading and dies.Not buying another one.Useless straps 

  • Garmin is generally very good at replacing these , did you contact support.

  • Garmin is generally very good at replacing these , did you contact support.

  • Garmin makes you run thru hoops before replacing anything.


    Sad since the head unit (EDGE 530) is excellent but the accessories are not up to snuff. All this because we tried to replaced a battery?? Something we've been doing for years in all matter of things.

    It's not a new issue for Garmin and their failure to fix it flies straight into the face of the burgeoning Right to Repair movement. I'm looking into using other brands for replacing my Speed and Cadence sensors as well as the HRM Dual until Garmin remedies the matter. Should I hold my breath? LOL.


  • For what it's worth, my HRM-Pro I bought in May of 2021 (and used a LOT over the past 1 & 1/2 years) just started with the battery drain issue most on this thread are experiencing.

    I just today reached out to Garmin support over chat, told them the troubleshooting steps I performed, and asked for a replacement since none of the troubleshooting resolved the issue.

    Since it's been over a year that I've purchased it, support offered me half-off the $69.95 USD warranty upgrade to send me a new HRM-Pro Plus (the new one with the screw-less twist battery cover).

    So for $36 I have new strap on the way - not a free replacement/upgrade, but I was able to get this processed in less than 20 minutes on a support chat session.